[RELEASE] Device Watchdog


I just ran some tests and I can't reproduce the problem. If I set the level to 75, no devices show up. Set it back down to 45 and 2 devices show up on the list.

One thing to note, if you add devices to HE after setting up the battery monitor, you need to go back into the app and toggle the 'all devices' switch off and then back on or it won't see the new devices.


I haven't added any devices since installing the app. All of my devices were already set up before I installed the app.

Let me try toggling it back on and see if it works.


I'm stuck with this status:

Devices that have not reported in for 3 hour(s)


Something went wrong. Please hit 'Done' and come right back here again.
Still working on what causes this sometimes!


Ok, hit 'done' to go back to the previous page...wait 30 seconds and click the button to go back to the report. If you still get that screen, go back again and regenerate the report.


Going to attempt a rewrite today, hopefully improve the reporting.


Would you consider write an update function on the app?

I believe made his code for this public available? @Cobra can you confirm/deny please?


An early version is on my github but it can be found in any of my drivers/apps.


Thanks mate :wink:


All my apps already check to see if there is an update available. Just scroll to the bottom of each app.


Which version was it implemented?
I have 1.07 and I see nothing for it at bottom of the page?
What I'm expected to see?


1.0.8 had the new footer with links

current version is 1.0.9


So I'm two versions behind hence the importance of such feature.
Thanks for adding it.


New version on Github...

V1.1.1 - 01/28/19 - Under the hood rewrite, better reporting. Also added NEW Device Watchdog Tile for use with dashboards


This is a cool app

What do you think about an option to flash a light or turn on a device or something like that when there is an error (no activity or low bat)?

Maybe I can mod the code and try it out :slight_smile:


I had my hub slow down today. I installed this app a few days ago. I've since paused this app, and rebooted the hub. I'll report back if the slowness returns, or otherwise.

I liked the report and it helped me solve a dodgy device, so I'd like to get it going again.


Good idea...new version on Github

V1.1.2 - 01/31/19 - Added ability to turn on a device when there is something to report




THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I paused this app yesterday (child app), and just got a message today. So the pause button is not working.


Thanks for that. Should be all set now. New version on Github

V1.1.3 - 01/31/19 - Fixed Pause and Disable/Enable not working.


Is the proper way to install an update to just copy / paste the code from GitHub back into the apps code panes ? Is that the right way to do it?