[RELEASE] Device Watchdog


New version on Github...

V1.1.4 - 02/10/19 - Added a switch to run a report any time.


What's the difference between your app and @ericm Device Monitor ?


I had several hub lockups which I believe were tied to Device Monitor. Since uninstalling it I haven't had one again yet. Device monitor checks periodically rather than just on a set schedule. I think it checks too much.


They are completely different apps. They may have the same type of output but under the hood, they go about it in different ways. Mine, (Device Watchdog) was written for Hubitat and only checks the devices you want it to and when you tell it to.


Love the Watchdog!

One question I have... I don't understand... I am using the Activity Monitor child and have my timer set to yell at me if a device hasn't checked in for 12 hours.

But what I don't understand is what does the setting to "check devices at this time daily" do?

Is it also checking to see if the selected devices are connected then-- like sort of forcing a check-in or what is it doing?



My understanding is that watchdog doesn't "constantly" run. It runs at the time you tell it, and then sends you a notification if a device hasn't checked in for your specified time.

So if you had a battery die at say 2am with a 12 hour timer, you won't get a notification right after the 12 hour threshold is passed at 2pm, but you would get one at your first scheduled run time after 2pm. If your run time was 4pm, you'd get a notification then. If your run time was 1pm, you would get a notification at 1pm the next day.



Chris is exactly right on this. If this app was constantly checking it would slowly drag the hub down. So instead you pick a time you want it to check. I also added in the last update, a switch to control when to check, that way you could also use RM to schedule when to check.


OK makes sense! Thanks!

If you don't mind another question... so I have two ST water sensors. They don't seem to check in too often... and that bothers me... for example... What if the sensor goes bad in the morning and the water starts leaking at noon and I don't get notified about the dead sensor until late that night.

I feel like rather than waiting to see if the sensor checked in... I need to be the one that is checking in on IT.

Any thoughts about this? I am wondering if I should look into a way to ping the sensor say every hour to make sure it is alive and well... thoughts?


As far as I know, you can not ping a battery operated device since they sleep when not triggered. You have to wait for them to check in and then if they haven't checked it for xx hours, report that there may be a problem.


Interesting. that would make sense.
I am surprised these water sensors dont check in more often... they also have a temp sensor which should mean they are reporting any temp changes too... which should be quite a bit more often than what I am seeing. I'll have to look into it.


I just updated to the latest parent and child versions. I noticed on the battery check, selecting ALL battery devices doesn't seem to work. I wasn't getting any reports on low batteries (below 40%). I then manually selected all devices and I got a report of 3 water sensors that were at 37%.


That 'Select All' has been nothing but a headache since I put it in. It's coming out! :grinning:


Am I doing something wrong if my notifications seem to give the same device multiple times? I have a child app called "1-Week Devices" that I have set to run every day at a specific time and catch devices without activity for the last week (168 hours). However, if devices meet this "inactive" threshold multiple days in a row, it seems to just keep adding them to the list instead of only reporting the latest information. See:

I can show any of the rest of my configuration if needed. I can't imagine that this is intended behavior, but if so, I guess that's fine too. Just wanted to ask.



Make sure you are on the latest release. That should have been fixed a couple versions ago.


Just updated all three and now I'm getting an error when I run the device status report.

app:7062019-02-13 05:37:42.243 am errorjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Command 'sendWatchdogActivityMap' is not supported by device. on line 277 (pageStatus)

app:7062019-02-13 05:37:42.241 am debugDevice Watchdog Activity of devices - In watchdogMapHandler...Sending new Device Watchdog data to Device Watchdog Activity of devices

app:7062019-02-13 05:37:42.235 am info * * * * * * * * End Device Watchdog Activity of devices * * * * * * * *

app:7062019-02-13 05:37:42.233 am info - - - - - End (S) Temperature Measurement - - - - -


Did you create a virtual device to store the data and select that device under the 'Dashboard Tile' section?


New version on Github...

V1.1.7 - 02/13/19 - Added more error checking.


I will check when I get home. Thanks for responding. have a good day..


Working now. Downloaded the two apps and the driver. Thank you..


dev:2272019-02-15 11:13:11.095 pm errorgroovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: dev15501980350061569705581.refresh() is applicable for argument types: () values: [] Possible solutions: every(), every(groovy.lang.Closure), grep() (refresh)

Any idea about this error? Otherwise things appear to be working ok. I just update the child and I'm still getting this error.