[RELEASE] Beta 1 - version of Honeywell Home Thermostats (Lyric etc...)

This is my first Hubitate driver/app... actually, my first time writing Groovy for that matter. So definitely appreciate any feedback/code review and as noted this is very much an alpha. As in it works on my machine :).

thecloudtaylor/hubitat-honeywell (github.com)


As I was adding package manager support I realized there was an existing project (GitHub - HubitatCommunity/HoneywellThermo-TCC). I will spend some time to see if I can merge into that.

Oh boy! I have a T9 thermostat with 2 remote sensors and a T5 in my home. I'll give your driver and app a look later this morning and get you some feedback.


I'm probably missing something but, I'm getting OAuth not enabled for this app when trying to install it. I have both the app and driver installed.

You have to enable OAuth yourself in the app code. There is a button for it at the top right.

Thanks. I knew I did it once before but, for the life of me, couldn't remember how and my quick forum search was not fruitful.

Even though Honeywell is converting TCC accounts to Honeywell Home, they are not allowing some devices to be controlled by third parties. I have a 9580 wifi T-stat that I can control using the Honeywell home app but Honeywell won't let me control it with this app.

That's unfortunate. I have a T5 and T9 and they are working with this app. I'm not familiar with the 9580, but it may be the case that it isn't compatible with the Honeywell Home API that taylor's app is using.

The 9580 used (still uses) the Honeywell TCC app. I've had it since 2015. It just recently (within the last year or so) was integrated into Honeywell home app. When I first looked the integration was really flakey. It appears to be much better now, though I still prefer the TCC app. I only use the app to modify the schedule anyway. My assumption is that once they get everything integrated into the home app, you will probably be able to use the 3rd party apps to control it. The message says something like the T-stat can't be controlled "at this time".

Right now I'm using CSteele's driver and it is working quite well for what I need. I don't care how fast it updates so the rate limiting by Honeywell hasn't been an issue. I also have the T-stat integrated into HE through the Smartthings cloud, though I haven't used that integration in quite awhile.

I'll bookmark this thread and look again at a later date and see if anything has changed.

Thanks again for the OAuth help.

I don't know how technical you are, but this is the link to the official Honeywell API that taylor is using in his driver/app: https://developer.honeywellhome.com/

For thermostats, the only models that are mentioned in the guides are the Lyric LCC and TCC models, aka Lyric Round, T5, T9, and T10 Pro. I say "mentioned" only because I haven't run across any "officially supported" words on the site.

Thanks for the link. I'll take a look. I'm not great at programming but I can usually follow things even if I don't quite understand them. It seems like Honeywell has been working on this integration for a long time now.

Kind of reminds me of the Smartthings migration from classic to the "new" app. It took Smartthings years to finally sunset the old app but still don't have feature parity.

I found this in the FAQ. It looks like the 9580 (not a round Thermostat) probably uses a different API that's not yet public.

Good catch! Oh well, yet another driver needed for Hubitat support. :slight_smile:

The Honeywell TCC driver is probably the best option for the older devices, Honeywell has said that service will go away but I don't think they said when.

Probably not for awhile since they are still selling the same basic thermostat as my 9580, just a later revision at half the cost they were in '15.

I am happy to announce that this is now at Beta 1! A lot of stability improvements over the past couple weeks and it's been running "in production" at my house for several days with the Thermostat Scheduler controlling it. There are still features to add/test such as events, proximity etc... but the core feature set of thermostat (set heat/cool, turn on/off fan, report temp etc...) should all be there.

I want to credit @WindowWasher - he helped immensely in testing/debugging the driver, without his help T series devices simply would not have worked and the overall stability would have been far less.

I have pushed 0.2.0 to Hubitat Package Manager of if you prefer manual installs stable versioned URLs are:

First of all, bravo, thank you, and Happy Holidays. I appreciate someone trying to tackle this since our friends at Hubitat haven’t tackled this after numerous requests. I’m not a coder and tried, and failed, so I’m still integrating through my old ST but it doesn’t work well anymore. So here is some constructive feedback on your wonderful beta:
-It connects and sees my T10 fine
-OAUTH connects fine
-I can turn the mode to off, heat, or cool. Cannot reset to auto.
-I cannot turn it back on if I turn it off
-none of the temperature controls work. They reflect in hubitat but never sync to the T10
-I cannot see the the individual room sensors (API will do it, so will ST) so I know it can be done.

Again, not complaints. I am happy to test and help in any way I can because I really want T9/T10 support directly through my HE and can finally retire ST entirely. Thanks for taking first steps!!

Hi, @zahe.pitts I am not the developer, but I have this driver/app installed and working. First, if you are having issues it would be helpful to turn on debug logging in both the driver and app. There is a lot of diagnostic information dumped to the logs in debug. Now, to your issues:

Were you trying to make this change from a dashboard tile or directly on the driver page? A log dump might also help determine what is going wrong.

I have verified that this is a bug, possibly in the HE code. You can work around it by turning off and then turning on the "Allow Heat Mode, if false heat mode will be iqnored" and "Allow Cool Mode, if false cool mode will be iqnored" switches on the driver page.

I'm using a standard dashboard thermostat tile and the temperature up/down controls work fine for me, on both a T5 and a T9 thermostat and the changes are reflected at the thermostat. Is that what you are talking about? Perhaps you can see if there is an error in the log when you make a change.

Yeah if you can capture a few of the debug logs that would definitely help... I don't personally use auto so that wasn't tested before but I'll look over the code and see if I can spot any obvious issues. I should be able to reproduce the off/on issue and see if there is anything I can do in the driver/app to fix that and definitely would like to see some debug logs for the sync issue.

I have a few fixes in the development branch that I'll be packaging up as a new release sometime this week, nothing major but some reliability around token refreshes and logging. I also have events half working but I need some help from the Honeywell folks as to why the event grid isn't getting populated and I need to see what the cost of running the event grid instance is to see if I can just put that out freely (using my employee Azure stipend) hopefully.

I just pushed a new version with remote sensor support thanks to @WindowWasher! This also has some general bug fixes (especially around token refreshes and logging).