[Release] AirNow.gov driver

This will allow you to get Air Quality from AirNow.gov. You need to create an account to get an API Key. You can create an account here:
AirNow API Documentation

Here is the driver.


Just curious.. what automations is anyone doing based off air quality? I want to get a smell sensor in my bathroom, maybe this will help! :slight_smile:

I built my own Heat Recovery Ventilator for my house. When the furnace runs, I run the HRV to exchange stale air with fresh air. This assumes the outside air quality is good. If it's bad I don't exchange.

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Can the Air Quality be reported in a tile?

Good question. I am just getting converted to hubitat and haven't figured out my dashboards yet.

I have been using this driver for many months now....

and I can include it in my dash board....

I don't have any automation based on this. I include it on my weather dashboard, along with the pollen provided by the driver in the same link above.

Thank you. I just created the tile and it works.

@brianspranger Thanks for the driver - it has been really useful!

I'm sure you know this, but wanted to mention that it's pretty simple to modify this to get the AirNow AQI forecast by simply changing "path: 'observation/zipCode/current'," to "path: 'forecast/zipCode/'," on line 154 (obviously, this requires two copies of the driver and two devices - one for current, one for forecast). The vars the forecast returns have the same IDs, so the rest of the driver works as-is.

I'm not sure yet how accurate this forecast is as I have only been watching it for a couple of days, but so far, it's within the realm of credibility.

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