[Release] Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch

This is a driver for the Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch (https://aeotec.com/outdoor-z-wave-switch) model ZW078. It's a port of the Smart Switch 6 code with appropriate functions add/removed. You can safely use the built-in HDSS driver for this device, but there were a couple of functions missing and I didn't like having dimmer and color settings on the switch controlling my dryer, even if the device would ignore those commands.

Edit 5/14/19: (This is now a whole new device driver since my original post)
Edit 6/12/20: I'm no longer on HE, so this driver is unsupported. I will say that no combination of my driver or the from-scratch drivers by syepes ever did get me what I felt was consistent power reporting with the HDSS, unlike the perfect reporting I got from my ZEN15's. I don't know if that's a problem with Hubitat or with the HDSS. I did resort to putting in a Rule Machine rule to poll the device every minute, and that seemed to get things "good enough" (I only used the HDSS for reporting power usage to monitor laundry).


Is your dryer electric or gas? How is this actually hooked up if you don’t mind me asking? Do you have to cut off the end of the plug to wire it up?

My dryer is electric. I pondered how to best do this for days on end. My dryer is 2 feet from my electrical panel and it's an older house so I needed to replace the 240V outlet anyway, so I had a number of options. But because it's an old house and I have some electrical and plumbing projects planned, I didn't want to risk doing something that wouldn't be code compliant and cause problems down the road.

I couldn't figure out a good way to hardwire the HDSS that would be code compliant, so I cheated. I got a few feet of 10-gauge 4-conductor flexible cable from Lowe's, and ran that from the dryer to the smart switch (It fit perfectly in the gasket on the switch, and I put terminal connectors on the cable to make it more secure on both ends), then I wired the dryer plug to the smart switch. Basically, I made the switch part of the appliance rather than part of the house. I think that should be legit. The one thing I did do for good measure was secure the switch to the wall rather than to the dryer - didn't want the vibration to cause any problems.

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Hi everyone
I have just fitted one of these Heavy Duty Switch's but cant get this device driver working.
On/Off doesnt seem to work...

At the moment I have adopted the Z-Wave Generic Switch which works fine.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get this specific driver working so can then monitor the power usage please?

Pushed a completely new version to GitHub. Hasn't been extensively tested yet, but it's there if you want to try it.

I get this with the latest driver - happens quite a lot:

2019-05-22 14:57:38.719 errorgroovy.lang.GroovyRuntimeException: Ambiguous method overloading for method java.lang.Long#minus. Cannot resolve which method to invoke for [null] due to overlapping prototypes between: [class java.lang.Character] [class java.lang.Number] on line 874 (parse)

@peng1can any fix for this? Happens all the time

Installed the switch with your driver. Works great:

|cumulativeEnergyCostYear|67.11|||DEVICE||2019-06-16 14:33:02.526 EDT|
|cumulativeEnergyCostMonth|5.59|||DEVICE||2019-06-16 14:33:02.526 EDT|
|cumulativeEnergyCostWeek|1.29|||DEVICE||2019-06-16 14:33:02.526 EDT|
|cumulativeEnergyCostTxt|1 days and 19:03:06 2.259 kWh|||DEVICE||2019-06-16 14:33:02.525 EDT|
|cumulativeEnergyCostHour|0.01|||DEVICE||2019-06-16 14:33:02.525 EDT|
|energyMeterRuntime|1 days and 19:03:06|||DEVICE||2019-06-16 14:33:02.516 EDT|
|cumulativeEnergyCostTxt|1 days and 19:01:06 2.259 kWh|||DEVICE||2019-06-16 14:31:02.537 EDT|
|cumulativeEnergyCostWeek|1.29|||DEVICE||2019-06-16 14:31:02.537 EDT|
|cumulativeEnergyCostMonth|5.60|||DEVICE||2019-06-16 14:31:02.537 EDT|

Not seeing the errors @dman2306 sees.

Thank you for this. I have it working. I did have difficulty pairing the switch. Had to dig out my old WinK 1 hub to exclude it before I was able to pair with Hibitat. For the dryer I used the power meter setting in rules to create an Alexa TTS message. The other half is very happy. A Sonoff tasmota'd S31 for the washer notification and this Aeotec Heavy Duty for the dryer. "The dryer is done!"

Hi. You said that you are using tasmotazed S31 for the washer. I have a couple s31 plugs... Are you using original tasmota with what driver?? or you are using Eric's ?

A bit late here. Yes, using Eric's driver for the S31 . I have a rule that is triggered by power goes to 0. Turns on a virtual switch which runs an Alexa routine to speak Washing machine is done..

I'm using your driver to monitor my electric dryer. When I'm creating a rule I don't see the option for amperage as an attribute. How can I expose that. Or does it require an update to the driver?

This is repeating about once every 12 seconds or so in my log (HE 2.1.9):

dev:1057 2020-02-21 11:32:02.862 error groovy.lang.GroovyRuntimeException: Ambiguous method overloading for method java.lang.Long#minus.
    Cannot resolve which method to invoke for [null] due to overlapping prototypes between:
    	[class java.lang.Character]
    	[class java.lang.Number] on line 874 (parse)

If your interested, you can check out my driver it's been fully testing.


I just switched to your driver. The peng1can driver was misbehaving. Not sure why. Switching drivers got my dryer notifications going again and seems to have resolved some hub slowdowns. And maybe there was a bit of corruption on the device and switching back would yield the same results. I don't know enough to know.

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