Reduced Hub temperature from 104 to 98!

This is a fun observation post. I see that my Hub normally runs at an average temperature of around 104-105 degree F. I agree that this temp might be fine, and nothing to worry about.
Today I thought, how will that temp change, if I just put my Hub on top of the HVAC intake register on the floor :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, the temp fell from 104 to around 98 degree! The red arrow in the graph below is exactly when I moved the Hub on top of the vent. Again, might be nothing great and a lot of you might be already doing something similar, but I got excited by this very simple temp improvement by hub placement alone.



I am not so sure locating the hub on top of the floor return grille is a good idea. You will probably get a lot of dust in that location. You can notice the dust on the return air grille. This is not a comment about your house cleaning :grinning:...just a normal situation.

The dust accumulation around and in your hub is probably not a good thing. You can google "how does dust affect electronic devices".

The 104-105 deg that you were running is normal. IMHO I would put the hub back where it was.


I just have mine upside down :rofl:


Very valid point! Totally forgot about that in my excitement :smiley:
I have now moved my hub back...but flipped it over to now experiment if a flipped hub helps at all in temps...below is what i see now:

Red Arrow=Hub on vent... Blue Arrow=Flipped hub
image looks like flipping it over does not make much difference. I have my 2 hubs flipped over with the vents on top because I have read suggestions by others to do so, but from your data, it doesn't make much difference. Still, 100- 105 looks good.

So where do you find Hub Temperature?

I personally use:

but you can also get it from:


This thread is just for kicks right? I mean, if the HE was in any danger of having a heat problem - they'd mount a fan in it I would think. Since most hardware is designed to run from 120-160F (with 140 being a fair norm - there is this:
" and excessive cooling wastes energy, unnecessarily increases costs, adds to the maintenance burden, and can actually pose operational threats."
Since lifetime expectancy for my Hubs is 3-5 yrs (the tech will be old, and electronics fail regardless, the software overtakes the hardware etc.) why worry about temp of a hub unless it's abohorent? Like old hard drives, if I can get 3 yrs, hope for 5 and the rest is gravy.
I'll add one other factor - the case is plastic - really bad at heat disapation. I'd be more worried about the dog chewing on it, (it's on the floor!) or the wife kicking it or my robot vacuum chewing it up...

Not to take this thread into a different direction - but -

I've been waiting for this server to die now - no joke, for 4 years. Heck, it's replacement has been sitting on the floor next to it all that time. And before you all run to tell me how to fix it - I don't want too - it's an >10yr old server I wish would go belly up but I'm too lazy to move all it's services. An old friend beat me with the Mantra : if it aint broke, don't touch it.
and similarly - I think it was Mark Twain who said : "meticulous organization of useless information is the hobgoblin of a small mind'. Paraphrased and uncredit - I never could find that quote in the google.


I mounted my hubs on a cooling laptop stand. When I had a C4 it was reaching almost 200! I don't think I really need the fans, but I think it looks cool with the backlighting.

Here is the current temp. I've been doing some Zwave mesh stuff on 617.2 for a couple of hours now. 617.2 is where all my devices live, while 617 is where all the apps, rules, etc live. The two are connected by hub mesh. A few minutes ago 617.2 was up to 113, so the fans really cooled it off once I took the load off of it