Recommendations for Zigbee plug-in repeater

Hello - Is there a recommended brand of Zigbee plug in repeater? I currently have a Centralite but I don’t think it’s such a great repeater as some of my Zigbee bulbs (Sengled) keep dropping off. I don’t want to swap out an outlet, hence the need for a plug-in. Thanks

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Hi @rakeshg

These two posts just addressed this topic earlier today - so I've pasted links below:


Thanks so much - I searched on recommendations but missed these :man_shrugging:t2:

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I use the ST plug. Ikea also makes a reaper-only device that many have found successful. I have a couple on order to try.



Some repeaters seem to be preferred over others by zigbee end-devices. I have 5 Tradfri outlets, 6 Tradfri repeaters, and 5 of @iharyadi's environmental sensors on a zigbee network with ~40-50 Xiaomi devices, 8 Sengled bulbs, 2 Yale locks, and about 10 other zigbee end-devices. Here's the output of /hub/zigbee/getChildAndRouteInfo ...

So basically, none of Tradfri outlets are used as repeaters - I rarely see them used. The heavy lifting is all done by the dedicated Tradri repeaters and @iharyadi's environmental sensors.

Also, although Xiaomi stuff isn't recommended (or supported), my Xiaomi sensors are rock stable.

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You can Centralite are you referring to these: Iris 3210-L2 If so I don't think you can find much better of a zigbee repater. At the onset I did a lot of research and time using xbees to look at my zigbee network. The 3210s were so solid and good I ended up buying half a dozen and they literally are the backbone of my zigbee network.

One step better would be an XBEE iteself(especially external antenna)...but it's not an outlet and would only act as a repeater.

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Not sure if it’s IRIS...this is the one I have


I only have 6 Sengled bulbs but my routing table is pretty empty :flushed:

More Zigbee repeaters are a good idea for a stable zigbee network. The nice thing about @iharyadi's sensors and the Ikea USB repeater is that you can plug them into things like TVs that have always-on USB outlets.


That Centralite plug is a good repeater - but one may not be enough.


That's the one. If they are approaching the price of the SmartThings outlet, get the SmartThings outlet.

Also, the SmartThings outlet will repeat for up to 10 devices and not complain.


I think he's hit the nail here. How far away are your sengled lights? Also while that built in routing tool is cute...quite honestly mine doesn't even have half the picture.

vs my XCTU output via an XBEE:



@Ken_Fraleigh @aaiyar I have the ST one on order so will see if that helps.

The two that keep dropping off are approximately 10 ft (horizontal) from the hub and 15 ft (vertical) from the Centralite repeater.

One of them (Upstairs Filing Cabinet) appears to be using the repeater, but it will not turn on as scheduled all the time. If I turn it off and then on manually, it will turn off as scheduled.

There is another bulb in the general vicinity that is not in the table above that has been rock solid.

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How many other zigbee devices do you have and have they been stable? I wonder if you are having a sengled problem

I only have 7 Sengled bulbs and those are Zigbee (other devices are all Z-Wave). Apart from the two bulbs mentioned above, the others have been stable.

Could be, but I originally had a Cree bulb and a Lightify bulb in the same places and they were problematic as well. Switched all bulbs to Sengled based on recommendations from folks here and things were a little more stable, but those two bulbs continue to misbehave.

Which xbee device are you using. Is there a pre-assembled plug-n-play one that doesn’t require I break out the soldering iron?

@Ken_Fraleigh - Just paired this (paired as a Generic Zigbee Outlet). Quick question - it will function as a repeater even though it is "off", right? Just have too many little green/blue/yellow lights around the house at night, so plan of leaving this "off"...



You can get these kits that don't require soldering. Assembly is just snapping the xbee into the carrier board, and it's very simple.

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