Received cloud request for App 1813 that does not exist

I have also uninstalled and re-installed the Hubitat app (suggested on another thread) and that also did not work

Based on a search for the warning, sounds like cloud-based services, including things like HubConnect and Life360. Could these or something similar be candidates?

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I've also removed Life360.
I may have also tried Hubconnect when I exploring Hubitat features but it is no longer installed and I do not have another Hub. Thanks

Last question - my final options remain as a factory reset or nnew account setup?

Feels a little extreme, I expect the likely impact of the warning is small, unless you are seeing more extreme impacts on performance. I'd like to think you have some time to sort it out.


Go to life 360 and turn off hubitat integration and see if that's it...


The hub is responding to a call from a service in the cloud.

So removing stuff on the Hubitat side of things isn’t the key (in fact, that’s presumably the cause of the error).

Trying to figure out (if possible) which external service is hitting the hub, and stopping it from doing so on that end, is what’s needed.


I don't currently have it installed now, but to remove integration is it the same as just removing the app?

If you go to life360 and log in, there should be an allowed connection section if I remember correctly (that may not be the name of it)

I'm struggling to find the original config to link it to HE, wondering whether it may have been within HE itself.... Not sure if that's correct or whether it would survive the deletion of an app.

I don't think that would even work, the cloud endpoint uses your Hub UID.

No, removing ONLY the app on Hubitat is what causes this problem. If Life360 is still trying to ping the app on your hub this is exactly what would cause these errors. You need to unlink cloud services from your hub (on their site/app) if you are removing them.



If you're certain that Life360 is causing the issue (which seems possible), take a look at this:


Thanks everyone for your help with this.
I have not been able to find app 1813, but the good news is that I restored an old database from Oct 22 which was not issuing the warning for the unknown app 1813!
Had to update/add some missing/newer rules and re-pair some newer devices and all good now. :grinning:

That would suggest that 1813 might now exist. What do you get if you go to:



Yes, you are correct... it was the "Bot" spamming me, unbelievable!
Is the best way to remove an app via the HPM uninstaller?



First thing to do is to shut down the outside app, i.e. the "Bot", because as long as it believes it needs to contact your hub it will continue to spam you. After that remove the app from it's remove button (red button on the link above), and then go into HPM, click the Uninstall Packages button, and select the package to remove.


Uninstall the SwitchBot Events app from the Apps section of Hubitat.

My uninstalled() method (which runs automatically when you uninstall the App properly by clicking the red "Remove" button as @thebearmay described) will unsubscribe from the cloud event from the SwitchBot cloud.


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