Hubitat Hub has raised alerts for: Zigbee Offline

Hello All,

Please advise on the below.

I have noticed that I am getting these random "Zigbee offline" alerts on pushover app, probably since upgrading to software version, have not received these offline messages before.

Currently on latest version

Should I be concerned about these random offline messages?


It's likely these are due to something overloading the hub. When the hub is stressed, zigbee is the first to crash. Check your logs for errors. Which 3rd party apps are you running, if any?


Thanks for your reply.
Yes, it seems that I am getting some errors from an un-plugged zigbee socket (installed Sunday, 4th December, and unplugged yesterday or previous day as it is not working) – I have now removed it from the “Devices” list!

However, this still does not fully explain why the hub has been suffering since 28th November and strangely why 5 minutes past the hour?
Please note that the only other message I have been getting for some time now is the warning message below:

Unfortunately, I have not been successful in finding the source/app sending the cloud request.
See thread below:
Received cloud request for App 1813 that does not exist - :triangular_ruler: Rule Machine® - Hubitat

While it's not good to just unplug a device without removing it, I'd be surprised if that was enough to cause the radio to shut down. Same with the cloud request.

Tracking these down can be a bit tricky. I'd look at your app and device logs and see what apps are generating the most load and start there. As @Rxich mentioned third party apps are someplace to check.


Do you have a backup from before 11/28 that might give a clue as to what the app was?You can restore the older backup(Make a new backup FIRST) and see what is pinging the hub, then once identified, disable the connection from the app making the calls to the hub


Unfortunately, the oldest system generated backup is from 2nd December which is the second time the zigbee offline message was received.
I could try and load that backup, but could you kindly explain how I go about checking what is pinging the hub?

If you do a restore and you actually have an app 1813 that would be it!

If you open an app and look at the URL you will see the app number. Example - this is app 1441.

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Thanks, I do not know when I started receiving the warning messages for app 1813, and I went back to an old backup from September and still could not locate app 1813.
How do I go about locating which apps are generating the most load, is it from the device and app stats logs?
EDIT: Is there anything obvious to investigate from the logs below?

Device stats

App stats

The source of the request for 1813 are all, did you remove/reinstall the Echo integration?

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Nothing seems to be consuming a ton of available CPU but that switchbot device does look like a bit of a porker. When you get those messages do you know what free memory looks like?


Yes, they are all from, I do not use Amazon echo and I do not recall installing the Echo integration ?
I do have the Chromecast and Google integrations.


Yes, that is the switchbot system app:
And the system stats currently look as below (not setup any graphs for historical data):

Yes, you should be concerned.

I wouldn't stress over the missing app for now. Yes, pounding the hub may slow it down over time, but wouldn't cause Zigbee to go offline. I would concentrate on the Zigbee devices and overall health of Zigbee network. One or more Zigbee devices may be acting up and that would be enough to bring the Zigbee radio to its knees. If you added new Zigbee devices recently, consider removing them. If you have devices that you are no longer using, be sure to remove them. Shutting down the hub from Settings and keeping it unplugged for 30-40 min may resolve some problems. If the issue persists, you are likely looking into a Zigbee radio issue that may require a hub replacement. If this is a fairly new hub or have Hub Protect, please be sure to create a warranty claim by visiting

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Switchbot is not a system app, it is a user app and is not provided as part of Hubitat's suite of build in applications.


Thank you for your reply.
Yes, I purchased/received the Hub in June 2022.
I will troubleshoot some more as per your advice before taking the final step of a warranty claim.

I'm gonna take a wild guess and suggest that chromecast and google integrations don't use AWS. But it could have been almost anything else that has a cloud component...

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Sorry, yes this is a user app.
I meant to say that it the main app or "system "app for the other switchbot devices:

From what I could see it was the parent device...

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