Radar human sensor (Tuya)

Tuya continues to bring out some very interesting products....

Tuya WiFi motion PIR 110V -240V light luminosity sensor radar human presence detector

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Very interesting indeed! Seems it is actually a Zigbee device?

Not cheep, but could be interesting if there was a driver available for it…

Yeah agreed. So many cheap and innovative Chinese products coming out but integration is a real gap right now. I like the idea of having ceiling mounted, mains powered motion sensors and then would willingly throw away all the nasty ugly battery powered devices perched on shelves and stuck on walls.

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I would buy this if it were not for the price :man_shrugging:

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This seems similar but slightly less expensive:

Yeah, I spotted that one too but it's so ugly. Seems more like a classic PIR sensor but does also state it can spot static bodies. Weird looking device tho.

Bear in mind that microwave people sensors are just different to infrared. They both have advantages and disadvantages and these might be less useful than you'd hope. I guess that's why intruder sensors use dual mode sensors.

But detecting presence that last once people don't move e.g. asleep on sofa is still not easy at all, cf say fallen too, and not a dog.

That Amazon link says that one does sleep detection though. It is ugly - a bit like a miniaturized CTI scanner

Currently I'm using a camera in the lounge with person and face detection in tinyCam. It works great at keeping the lights on when there is no motion. I was running tinyCam on a tablet but when I had an issue with that device (battery failed) I ended up trying to run tinyCam instead on my Sony Android TV and found that it works there perfectly, including even running in the background mode when the TV is on standby! That was a real surprise. So I have a good solution now but would still like to test ceiling mounted radar devices if someone smarter than me can develop the drivers! :smile:

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Primarily to reduce the incidence of false alerts. I looked at using readily available microwave sensors as a secondary outdoor sensor (while hue motion sensors are generally great performers they are easily triggered on hot weather with pretty much any movement unless the sensitivity is dialled way down) but they do need more power than batteries can supply.

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