Quick Hub Information Driver/Z-wave status question

I don’t know if this is a coincidence but I recently updated to the new Hub firmware v2.3.1.129 and the most recent Hub Information driver as well. In addition, I updated my Z-wave to the latest v7.17.

Although the Z-wave status on the Z-wave Details page shows “enabled”, on my Hub Information tile device, the Z-wave status is shown as “unknown”. I have tried reconfiguring as well as refreshing the HI device tile, however the status remains “unknown”. I have also rebooted the hub itself. The Z-wave version shows the correct version number.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to correct the Z-wave status in Hub Information? It was correctly showing “enabled” prior to updating. As always, any help is greatly appreciated.

I'd suggest posting this on the Hub Information driver page.

I suggest rebooting (not resetting) the Z-Wave radio. The Z-Wave radio doesn’t reboot when you reboot the hub - it’s independent and keeps chugging along.

The only way to reboot the Z-Wave radio is to do a clean shutdown of the hub (Settings, Shutdown), wait for Red light, remove power at the wall (not micro USB, which is fragile), keep power off for 30 seconds, restore power, let hub boot.

And, if that doesn’t solve the problem, I agree with Simon:


@moh I’m scraping the Z-Wave Details for the information, so the two should agree except for maybe right after a reboot. Try hitting Configure and watch the logs to see if you get any type of error. The status should update after about 30-45 seconds. Could also check the events to see if for some reason it is getting set and then reset.

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Note: If this in the wrong section, whoever is moderating please feel free to move this thread to the appropriate section. Perhaps it can be helpful to others with similar problms.

At any rate, thank you all. Once again, the community comes through! I did a soft shut down, unplugged power, then restarted the hub. Also set up a RM rule to periodically run a Configure of my Zigbee devices using the Configure Custom Action. This seems to make the update of the status in my Hub Information tile more reliable. In the past, the Hub Information tile would sometimes miss updating all the Zigbee device “Last Activity” attribute when I was just using Device Watchdog to request a report (it would update the Last Activity attribute on Hub Information about 50% of the time). Now, it seems to work so far 100%. The reason I had to use DW to issue a report was that my Sengled outlets control some devices that I could not turn on and off periodically (they control sirens etc and the WAF would be adversely affected) to check if they remained connected, and I found that if I used DW to query the device, the last activity state would change. But it would work only half the time. By using your advice, it now updates reliably all the time.
Once again, thank you all! Problem apparently solved.

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Sorry. I was confusing the problems I was having with my Zigbee device “last activity” data with my Z-wave status. The Zigbee stuff now all works with Hub Information per my previous post. My Z-wave status still shows as “unknown”.

A few questions:

  • Any errors in the logs?
  • Are you running with or without hub security?
  • Version 2.6.24?
  • Schedule jobs shows one for getPollValues?

Thank you for trying to help me out @thebearmay .
No errors in the logs.
Running with hub security (user and pw is entered in appropriate fields and hub information driver is working well for all other data except for Z-wave Status).
Version is 2.6.24
Scheduled jobs shows “once” for getPollValues and “pending”

Found it. Cookie for security was getting lost. v2.6.25 is out with the fix.


Thanks as always @thebearmay ! I must say, you are amazing. Your level of responsiveness is unparalleled, second to none. Without being a fanboy (ok maybe a little, lol) no matter what the issue, you have always been extremely helpful, quick to address problems, and perhaps most importantly, quick to correct any problems. This community is lucky to have you involved. Thank you.