_Edit 5/11/2021: I moved to using Telegram for notifications Dec 2019. Instructions here (link). It's been working flawlessly! No fee and I get the notification(s) on my PC, phones, etc..
Edit 11/27/2018: I've moved to Pushover and no longer use this port of Pushbullet.
If you would like to take over the reigns of it, feel free to comment redirecting to your thread/port.
This app is a "community app" and is not supported by Hubitat. Contact @rayzurbock for support.
Use at your own risk.

I've adapted Eric Roberts "Pushbullet Connect" SmartApp and "Pushbullet" code to Hubitat.
You should be able to use any app that supports speechSynthesis "Speak" requests to send push notifications to your Pushbullet device(s).

This has been minimally tested but working for me.

Hubitat adapted code here (1.0HE at the time of this posting):

Pushbullet app and device code for Hubitat Elevation

  • Originally written for SmartThings by Eric Roberts
  • Adapted to Hubitat Elevation by Brian S. Lowrance (Rayzurbock)

PushBulletConnect.groovy is the App Code
PushBullet.groovy is the Driver Code
Both must be installed.

  1. Install both the App and Driver code into your Hubitat.
  2. Login to https://www.pushbullet.com (or create an account and setup your device(s))
  3. Click on your profile picture (top right) > My Account
  4. Click Create Access Token
  5. Copy the code shown (Save it somewhere for future use, you'll need it to add additional push bullet devices!)
  6. Go to your Hubitat portal
  7. Click Apps > Load New App
  8. Scroll down and select Pushbullet Connect and select it
  9. Past in your API Key (Access Token)
  10. Select the device you wish to connect with
  11. In Hubitat go to Device and find your device by the name it has in Hubitat
  12. Click the test button
  13. Check your device for your notification
  14. Configure any app that supports "Speech Synthesis" to "Speak" your notification
  • Push() functions have been disabled in this app from the original as Push Notifications are really not supported in Hubitat yet. Speak() does the same function, use that.

Cross referencing this community feature request: Request: Pushbullet Support


Slight revision...
If you've already installed PushBullet devices, uninstall PushBullet from the Apps page (click on each one and select Remove) (which will remove the PushBullet created devices and their other app associations), update the "PushBullet Connect" code. Reinstall PB, re-select your devices and add them back to your Apps that send Speak notifications. Sorry, this is will help with locating these devices in your speech device selection lists by placing them all together, prefixed with PB-devicename.

Prefix created devices with "PB-"
ie: "iPhone" will show up as a Hubitat device named "PB-iPhone".
Makes sorting and finding easier

Working great!


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Is it possible to setup more than one Pushbullet devices and be able to send notifacation to individual devices?

Just install the app again (not the app/device code, just add the app again), paste in your api key and select the next device.
Rinse, repeat..

(It can be better and the original author even mentioned that, but for now it is what it is)

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Fyi, I've recently learned that the free version of PushBullet is limited to 500 API calls per month.

I was expecting this to send me a notification on my phone, however it's only showing up in the PB app? Is this correct?

It sends notifications to my phone.
Have you configured/allowed pushbullet to send notifications (check the settings in your phone notification settings)

Yeah all the notifications on my iPhone are enabled for this app.

This is working wonderfully on my new hub. It is fast and reliable! Thanks to the OP.

Just wanted to say that the code is still working until today, thanks OP!

note: I just tried pushover and I might stay with pushbullet as it has a bunch of free features (chrome extension, ability to send file, etc). PushOver might have similar feature, but paying $4.99 per device rather overkill for personal use

My 2 cents

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Just to be sure it’s clear, you only need to pay $5 once for iOS devices, and once for Android devices. It is not per device, but rather per platform type.

I've now edited the original post from May 2018 to indicate that I no longer use Pushbullet or PushOver for notifications.

I moved to using Telegram for notifications Dec 2019. Instructions here (link). It's been working flawlessly! No fee and I get the notification(s) on my PC, phones, etc..

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Ah yes, I meant, per platform. But again, why pay if the free one from pushbullet works?
Anyway, does not matter, this thread is not for toolset comparisons after all it's a democracy - you can choose whichever suits you :slight_smile:

Brilliant, I'll check out that one too; thanks OP!

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