Hubitat safety monitor - notifications

Even if this were in HSM (which I don't think makes sense), you'd still have to remember to update the app every time you add a new water sensor. HSM (and every other app) creates subscriptions to device events when you hit Done. So if you add a new water sensor, there won't be a subscription to it unless and until you open HSM and hit Done.

Hmmm, with RM you'd have to open the trigger, click on the water sensors, select the new one, and then hit Save, Done, Done... Meanwhile, your use case is not an obvious one nor universal. Alert for each sensor when it goes dry, or for all of them becoming dry? It gets hair on it pretty quickly! That's why RM exists, so you can customize an automation to your use case.

@bravenel Reading about the issues some have with Pushover, and personally not wanting to utilize it, is it possible to trigger a virtual switch via HSM?

Not sure what virtual switch has to do with presence detection. But, you can use RM to trigger off of HSM Alert, and then it could do whatever you want.

Thanks. I of course meant Pushover, but wrote Life360. I didn’t notice that option. Will look closer.

[Edit] I see it now. I was looking under rule. Forgot to check trigger. Still getting used to the fact that not all options are available in both.

You can't have a condition (hence a rule) for something that has no enduring state. So an HSM Alert is a good example. Another example is Certain Time, or Periodic.

By the same reasoning you can't have a trigger on things that require having state, such as Time of Day or Days of Week, as there is no test done on the state in a trigger.

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You can also use the HSM "Audio Alert" with Pushbullet ( custom driver: Pushbullet )

I need an IP enabled speaker though. Don't have Sonos or other unfortunately. I will reward the family with that someday.

No speaker needed. The custom driver for Pushbullet that I mentioned just uses the "Speak" function of the Audio Alert (On this speech device) to send the notification through Pushbullet's API to your devices (mobile phone, etc) as push notifications.

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Cool! I will then use an old phone connected to a speaker. Come to think of it, that would work for IP alerts wouldn't it?

It will not send an actual audio alert to the speaker (except maybe a ding or whatever the device is configured to do when it receives a notification). It just uses "Audio Alert" as a way to send a text based alert to the device. (that said, I do real audio speech notifications as well using an Android device and the LANnouncer device driver that I adapted from the other platform).

I use the Pushbullet driver as a workaround to the limit of 10 SMS per day. I just send all of my notifications to my push bullet devices using the Audio Alert / speak function of the PushBullet device driver. Pushbullet then sends a push notification with text to my phone and other devices that I have configured.

This is basically what the earlier mentioned Pushover notification does as well. I tried Pushover and it was nice, but not free and I already had Pushbullet, so I adapted a driver to work with Hubitat for it.

Anyway, were probably hijacking this topic with discussion solely about Pushbullet. Please PM me or discuss at the custom driver link I posted so we don't hijack this thread.

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I am not getting any notification.

I am also a bit confused about "Armed-Home" and "Armed-Away". Does either one need to be turned "ON" for the safety monitor to be active?

I set it to "Armed-Home" when I was doing the testing.

What if I want the safety monitoring to be ON all the time regardless of what mode?
How can I do that?


Armed away normally monitors all sensors,
Armed home monitors mainly contact sensors such as doors and windows

Armed-Home and Armed-Away have nothing to do with the mode your system is in. These are just two different HSM monitoring situations. The concept is that for Armed-Away you would want alerts for motion in your home, since in theory no one should be causing motion (might not work with pets). For Armed-Home, motion sensors would not be used for Alerts.

Also, you can use custom monitoring rules to be very specific about what you want to be alerted for. To get alerts, something will need to be "armed", either Armed-Away or Armed-Home, or custom monitoring rules. Arming enables the alerts, while disarming suppresses the alerts.

Thanks. Is this true for Water Leak detection?
I have set up multiple water leak sensors, and "Use Every Water Sensor" is ON.
And I have set up Text Alert to +1XXXXXXXXXX of my phone (I am in Canada), and I am not getting any text messages notifications. Tried with Armed-Home, Armed-Away and both off.
Anything else I can do to troubleshoot why I am not getting the notifications?

Water alerts are independent of Armed-Away and Armed-Home, as are Smoke alerts. These are automatically armed. They can be disarmed by selecting Disarm All. Otherwise, they should fire.

Have you verified that the water sensors are in fact working? Take a look at their events log, and turn on description logging in the device details page.

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2 Questions;

  1. Is the ability to send Text alerts to numbers outside of North America planned? (or is the functionality already there but the instructions just insinuate that it is only for US numbers?)
  2. Is the ability to send an email for alerts on the roadmap at all?

If the answer to both the above is No, this feature is severley limited for non-NA users.

I will find out the answer about text messages in AUS. You are correct about the instructions insinuating something. Sending an email has been discussed a lot, it just hasn't risen to the top of the list. Also, does Pushover work there? That's another option for getting push notifications. Our own mobile app with notifications is on the horizon, not too far off.

You should check out It can send an email, and is integrated with Hubitat as a built-in app.

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I'm getting txt alerts from HSM in AUS. :slight_smile:

Not sure about pushover, I will check it out and get back to you. Not really urgent, so happy to wait for the HE app on the horizon. Email would actually be more useful. I will check out Thanks for the tip.