Hubitat safety monitor - notifications

I have a Hubitat setup and using the Hubitat safety monitor I am not getting any notifications

text notifications going to cell outside USA, tried number in the following forms +1(234)5678910, 1(234)5678910, 1(234)567-8910, 12345678910, 1-234-567-8910
but not getting notified in any form

Thank for any help

Must be in this form for US: +13034997111

Just FYI Canada and US have the same country code so it should work for both.

wow! i can’t believe you posted your personal cell phone :slight_smile:

Did you call it? Go ahead, see who answers. It’s a real number, and it’s ok to call it.

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Spoiler, it’s the time and temperature number for Boulder, Colorado.

No, not true. It’s NIST WWV atomic clock source. Universal Coordinated Time. NIST Boulder developed one of the first atomic clocks, and it was actually housed in a building there – originally called the National Bureau of Standards. The transmitter WWV is located in Fort Collins, CO. UCT is the coordination of 3 atomic clocks spaced around the globe.

They’ve had that phone number since the early 1960’s.


What? Teh google lied to me!

Speaking of time, isn’t it about time for a software update :blush:


Patience , young grasshopper…

It’s been my go-to number for time for at least 30 (maybe 40?) years.

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I lived in Boulder when they first got that phone number. 499 was a new exchange and National Bureau of Standards moved their phones to a PBX with that prefix, circa '64. So I learned that number then ==> 50+ years… Before that, they had an old style phone patch switch board, and you’d call and ask the operator for WWV, and she’d patch you through if it wasn’t busy.

They had an atomic clock, at one point, THE atomic clock, in the basement of the NBS main building. I would walk home from school every day through the “Bureau” property. If it was really cold out, I’d go through the building for a few hundred feet to warm up. The clock was in a glassed in room, so you could see it, but not get in the room. It wasn’t much to look at, a rack or two of nondescript electronic equipment, with some sort of time display. The fathers of my two best friends worked at the Bureau, so I was exposed to some of the goings on there. Most of what was done there in those years was scientific work in a variety of disciplines.


Yes, Master Po

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Good day All
has something changed in the system as I’m not getting text notifications any longer
number format is+12345678910

Did you hit the 10 per day SMS limit?

I just set it for it to "Hubitat™ Safety Monitor" to Armed-Away to test the notifications were still working and opened the contact sensor and also had motion in the room where the sensor, both the contact and motion sensor shows activity but have not received a text notification as yet

One of my water sensors in my crawl space was wet this past week and I too didn't get a SMS from HSM. I do have "other hub" working and did get a push notification from SmartThings, but disappointed that no SMS from HE didn't happen.

Here is the setup in case it helps:

I have a water sensor around here somewhere, I will investigate.

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Worked for me.

But, what do you have set that makes it say "Notify Send ...


I guess it's a bug that it says "Intrusion Device", but that's just cosmetics.

Is it because I have a custom message?