Hubitat safety monitor - notifications


No, that's how you set the message to send. What build are you on? (Settings page)


On build Let me go test it again and report back shortly. I have 17 generic zigbee moisture sensors and 1 dome leak sensor. The dome one is the one that didn't send the SMS. I will test both.


You might hit your SMS limit of 10. Perhaps use Pushover notify instead, at least for testing.


OK the SmartThings branded moisture sensors using the Generic Zigbee moisture sensor send SMS messages.

But the Dome Leak Sensor did not. That is the one that I had an issue with last week too. As you can see the events are logged, just no SMS:


Well that's weird!! See if it will do another form of alert besides SMS.


What do you suggest? I don't have pushover setup. I do use "other hub pusher" and get ST push notifications.

I assume you guys are using Twilio as your SMS provider - we use them at my company and they are quite popular. I get the 10 daily limit because the cost of a short code is not cheap. It would awesome if you came up with a Twilio device driver where we could use our own Twilio accounts and the preferences of the driver would be the account SID and auth token and then it use our own personal accounts. Then this could be expanded to get a call under certain situations too!


Our plans are along this line.

I often just flash a nearby light as a test alert, assuming you have one with a standard built-in driver that supports flash.


Awesome to hear. Twilio's APIs are incredible and very flexible so look forward to defining rules on what communication vehicle I want. They do now offer push notifications too. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately my options are very limited in my crawl space but maybe I can coerce one of my kids to help me.


What device driver are you using with the Dome?


The out of the box Dome Leak Sensor driver. It paired to that driver and I never changed it.


I created a Twilio driver in case anyone wishes to use it:


Email is another form of notification that can be utilized, don't know how difficult it would be to implement


@bravenel I'd like to propose a feature request with HSM and leak sensors. I am getting the leak detected notifications just fine but it would be awesome if we could also get a dry notification too. I get water in my crawl space during heavy rain and it is useful to know when the water goes away.

Thinking it would be a simple boolean addition to the Water section to send a notification when a leak sensor that was wet changes to dry. I realize I can do this in Rule Machine but I prefer it to be part of the same app. Thanks!


This is useful for people that need to keep pumps submerged and are using sensors with remote probes. Good suggestion.


Why don't you just write a simple trigger in Rule Machine?


I realize that is a solution but:

  1. Rule Machine is tied to specific devices and not "use every water sensor" like HSM. If I add new water sensors I would have to remember to update a rule unlike HSM.
  2. Since HSM is already sending me a notification why not just add this functionality to it in the reverse and not require another rule to remember to update.

Thanks for your consideration.


Even if this were in HSM (which I don't think makes sense), you'd still have to remember to update the app every time you add a new water sensor. HSM (and every other app) creates subscriptions to device events when you hit Done. So if you add a new water sensor, there won't be a subscription to it unless and until you open HSM and hit Done.

Hmmm, with RM you'd have to open the trigger, click on the water sensors, select the new one, and then hit Save, Done, Done... Meanwhile, your use case is not an obvious one nor universal. Alert for each sensor when it goes dry, or for all of them becoming dry? It gets hair on it pretty quickly! That's why RM exists, so you can customize an automation to your use case.


@bravenel Reading about the issues some have with Pushover, and personally not wanting to utilize it, is it possible to trigger a virtual switch via HSM?


Not sure what virtual switch has to do with presence detection. But, you can use RM to trigger off of HSM Alert, and then it could do whatever you want.


Thanks. I of course meant Pushover, but wrote Life360. I didn’t notice that option. Will look closer.

[Edit] I see it now. I was looking under rule. Forgot to check trigger. Still getting used to the fact that not all options are available in both.