Route Hubitat Notifications to SmartThings (App and Driver)

Uh Oh! You lost me in acronyms (and I work for the Government!). Is RM Rules Machine? I have not experimented with that yet. What is HSM? I've only been in this environment for a bit more than a week and I am definitely still climbing the learning curve.

The functionality I am looking for is (similar to what I had on ST) to receive a push message when certain types of events occur (doors/windows open or close, motion detected in certain areas, attic fan switches on, etc.). I am not wedded to any technical approach - the push messages from ST work now and I won't be ripping that hub out soon so I thought I would utilize that. I am open to better solutions!


Yes, RM = Rule Machine. It is the native rules engine, developed and supported by the Hubitat Team. It can easily be configured to send notifications, speak messages, etc...

HSM = Hubitat Safety Monitor. It is the native home monitoring application, supported by the Hubitat Team. It is similar to ST's Smart Home Monitor.

Many of us are successfully using the tools supplied and supported natively within Hubitat. For most of us, this has led to a very stable and fast performing platform for home automation.

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Thank you!

I am reading up on both!

I have a hybrid solution working now. I have setup rule machine to send a message when motion is detected and I am using (for now) the Hubitat to ST Notification Pusher to deliver the message. This is working nicely. As I phase out ST, it should be fairly simple to switch over to another PUSH service.

Thank you!


Installed all the required components on both HE & ST.
Double-checked all URL & Secret values.

Sending a test via the HE device shows NO logs being generated... Needless to say, ST didn't get anything either.

Any ideas?


Re: Pushover requiring an app purchase
Pushbullet is free.
If you do not have the ST app anymore or wish to break free from it:


I'm getting this error when I try to install the pusher driver on HE:

How can I fix it?


What's a pusher driver?

I think this is what he is referring to from the first post.


Add the Hubitat to ST Notification Pusher Driver 10 on your hub and add a new virtual device.

Why not use the built in Pushover driver? This one seems to require an App and driver and was written in March. A lot has changed since then.

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Yes, after looking option I discovered Pushover, I paid $5 but this is necessary after ST migration. Thanks.

Well worth the money if you read up on the API and use it to its potential.
I use Pushover to send me various Hubitat notifications in different ways depending on the alert (silent push for logging/sound push for alerts/reoccuring alerts for safety alerts...that I have to acknowledge before they stop).

I use it with IFTTT/Alexa to send a recurring alert to help find my phone (and my wife's phone).

I use it with my old IP cameras to receive motion and sound alerts (through a pushover email that route notifications to my phone).

There are other examples of how I use this app but I think you get the idea...Possibilities are almost endless.

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Thanks for the IP cameras idea, I will try that soon.

I never got around to trying this (still in a hybrid hubitat/ST... I had hoped we'd see a mobile app by now). But to this question: it just seems silly to still have to rely on a 3rd party for what should be an integrated solution. At least, just simple notifications.

While I agree that notifications should be included (and will be in the mobile app, eventually), I really like Pushover. It has a lot more functionality than ST’s uber simplistic push notification functionality. With Pushover, I can create a Hubitat Pushover Device for each member of the family, and thus send targeted push notifications. I can also use the Emergency [E] feature to create recurring notifications for things like a water leak or intrusion. Probably the best $5 app I have ever bought.


Almost a year later, I’m still amazed at the speed and reliability of Pushover. I found notifications on the ”other hub” to be very unreliable (still sore about the notification I got three hours after the water heater sensor reported ‘wet’).

I look forward to native notifications, but fear it will not be as feature-rich as Pushover. Hope I’m wrong but glad there is a tried and true option.

Yeah, it does seem powerful, but I just get the feeling of having paid for features I didn't need. Though, you mention each family member, don't they each have to have an account for pushover to work with them?

Nope. Just one account. You then add each device using that one account, and each device shows up in Pushover. Then, when you create a Hubitat Pushover Device, you can select which Pushover Device you want to use (or all of them.)

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