[PROJECT]LCARS - Android - Hubitat control


Hi everyone,

I wanted to show my latest project. Utilizing several android apps / plugins / hubitat / HousePanel / rule machine / tasker / apps, I have created a very cool interface for my home automation on android.

All the widgets shown are integrated right into the launcher - which is a very nice product all by itself.

This is still very much a wip but I wanted to share so here is a small video. The app I used to record seems to have muddied thigns up a bit. Still lots of formatting to fix. Never mind the flash messages those are to help me along the way..

Also I believe I just figure out a way to keep everything in sync a little easier

iOS, Android and other client Apps
HousePanel Dashboard App for Hubitat

Love it!

Now to try and get Majel Barrett Roddenberry's voice for the TTS.


Wow, you’ve done a good amount of work there and it’s come together every nicely.
Something for me to aspire too. :+1:t2:


Is this a possibility?? Lol that would be icing on the cake.


that is awesome! very nice


So how did you do this? I like it a lot.


First off. It takes several paid apps. And lots of patience. Start with the basics. I use total launcher and themes from the play store for the overall lcars look.

This theme.

Then for the device controls I am ussimg Zooper widgets tied into tasker. Tasker makes http calls to hubitat for control and device status. I am currently in the process of switching from the house panel endpoints I was using to the built in maker api.


Very Nice!
I've been using the other launcher from the same Trek developer on my cel. I was wondering if it could be modified for my home controls. Now I have something to shoot for. Thanks.


You know that they actually did a phonetic recording of her voice before she died (basically recorded her saying every sound made by the English language several times). So, having MBR as your TTS voice should be possible at some point. And with Paramount and CBS trying to make up for terrible movies and TV shows recently, they owe us one. They should give it to us for free!


No. That's why they're charging you to watch Star Trek now :wink:


You mean TRYING to charge me to watch Star Trek now. :wink: