Problems with Remote Admin subscription service

Anyone else having issues with the remote administration subscription service? After signing up, I would get a timeout loading the remote admin page. Today, I get the remote admin sign-on page, but neither the login credentials for my hub, nor for my hubitat account work on the remote admin page.

I emailed support but have not heard back, so they must the extremely busy with other issues, or are not prioritizing support for paid customers for some reason. Curious if I am the only one, or if this is normal right now.

It should be accessible using regular account (not local hub account). Once in, go to Registered Hubs and click on Go To Remote Admin button. Clicking button sends a single "ping" to the hub, and clicking the button multiple times has no adverse effect,

All that works. Then when I get to the login for my hub, nothing lets me in.

I am subscribed to both "remote" and "protect". I can access my hub remotely but I cannot set up cloud backup. Whenever I try, I am referred to the subscription page. That only tells me what I already know - - - that I am subscribed.

I am probably missing something obvious but at the moment I have no idea of how to set up and schedule cloud backups.

Mike M.

I can enable/disable hub security UI and access it through remote access. Let's try eliminating one possible cause by disabling (temporarily) hub security UI. Does remote access work with hub security disabled?

It is under Settings - Backup and Restore, Cloud backup tab towards the bottom of the page:

I can access with hub security disabled, but not with it enabled.

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I'll get that fixed...


Thanks! I tried to do this via email, because I thought it was probably a small use case where the issue occurs. I think covid work-from-home is getting to me (getting ready to start month 13), because I notice I am getting offended too easily when I sign up for something that isn't working, and not being tolerant of slow response times. I know I have upset other staff because of this. Hope to try and keep things positive. I loved updating to find all the new features.
Thanks for all the hard work.


I'm having a problem with it hanging at

I have two hubs on the account and both are hanging here on both LAN and WAN networks.

The connect to hub link is active and works while on the LAN which I guess is to be expected.

I am having the same issue again now too. I suspect they are working on it, because it was working yesterday, I just couldn’t sign into the hub.

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I just subscribed at the time of my post so maybe they are working on it.

I cant complete the login.

I am having the same issue

After the latest update, "remote" and "protect" seem to work as advertised. So I guess the problem was not in anything I did or did not.

Mike M.

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Same here, my remote is now working and I did nothing.

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My remote admin is working again, in so afar as I can now get to the hub login page, but still does not login using the hub credentials.

Mine is not working, Just circling on
I am on

How did you guys fix it?

Update, I've made it a little further, now I can get to the remote access page, now hanging on that one.

Please give your hub a reboot. It may take a reboot for it to pick up the updated permissions.

ok thanks i'll try that !

It works! Thanks!