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I disconnected, waited 10 minutes, reconnected and everything seems to be working. But I now noted I have a multitude of entries in the Z-wave list which have no device name and a discover button.

Attached is a partial screen shot of the list.

I skipped a lot of them because it I was getting tired.

I have many many entries now in the Z-wave list with these discover buttons.
And I have all my devices and the ones with the discover button showing ok status.

Tomorrow I will use the settings to change the mode to "Shabbat" which I think will run correctly.

The question remains how do I get rid of these false nodes.

You have so many it may be difficult, but you have to remove them all for your system to operate properly.

You can try the discover button to see if it picks up a device,

To get rid of them you can hit refresh and then it should get a remove button. May need to refresh a couple times before the remove shows up. You may need to hit the remove button then wait a few minutes and hit it again.

You also may need to remove power from the subsequently-included devices whose original inclusion caused the ghost nodes. The hub won’t believe the ghost is a failed node if it still responds to pings, and the ping response is coming from the subsequent successfully-included device.

During the process of removing multiple ghosts, it may help to reboot the hub. Select Reboot from the Settings menu

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I removed 2 of them maybe the oldest because they were the first.

But then I was able to get a remove button but all it could do was get a "pending" message in the box.

So I am stuck.

It is like when you remove a device from the devices page and you need to use force but there is no force. Also you can't access these form the devices page because they have no name so they don't show up there.

My only other suggestion is to try to reboot. This may get rid of the "pending" message.

No dice. The Reboot stops the pending but the phantom device remains and a refresh brings the pending back.

Here is the ZWave troubleshooting guide. The ghost section is a short scroll down the page: How to Troubleshoot Z-Wave | Hubitat Documentation

With that many ghosts, you may need to get a Z-Stick and use that to remove the devices.


Wish they would put a fff u force remove function in the sdk ... they are trying to protect us from ourselves by not allowing removal if it answers pings but it creates so many problems and does not solve the typical use case where a ghost is created by a failed join and 9 out if 10 times there is the same device added later so it will respond to pings... someone needs to really bend their ear!!!


I am thinking that if you are novice enough to continue to create multiple ghosts trying to include a single device, then their caution may be warranted. This is not to disparage beginners and novice users. However, if you read the documentation or have any real experience with ZWave, then you know that you better clear out the table, get a good general exclusion, and make sure things are clean before moving on again.

I am not necessarily defending them. However, I might tend to agree that if a user cannot handle getting a Z stick up and running and use that to remove a sticky device, then a nuclear option is probably not safe in their hands. Speaking from experience, I myself was NOT ready for that when I first started in home automation and likely would have made some serious mistakes on assumptions due to lack of knowledge.

We do at least have the very handy step by step guide to walk us beginners through the process of using the Z-Stick. Knowing you are jumping into a slightly scary/dangerous detail may be just enough motivation to take our time and pay better attention to detail.

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We also have this community to help out if anyone has any questions. With that many ghosts, the OP may need to get a Z-stick and download the Silabs software to remove them. It looks daunting but if you follow the step-by-step procedure documented by @danabw and run into any problems you can always ask questions here and someone will help.

The documentation linked in the post above is good and should be reviewed by the OP. The point about checking for ghosts after any failed inclusion should also be strictly followed.


It should also be noted that if an old/failed node does get successfully re-included as a "new" node, Z-Wave networks only know devices by node ID (which is assigned by the hub/controller at inclusion, unlike Zigbee, where the device is also known by its factory-set EUI--though it also gets a network address unique on that coordinator). This means that pinging the old node should indeed fail, making it possible to remove--without needing to worry about what happened with the new, successful inclusion.

It can't hurt to (temporarily) make that node un-reachable just in case, but I suspect some of the early 700-series problems where it is claimed this helped were in fact just resolved by patience or coincidence or perhaps just caused by other problems entirely, like Z-Wave database corruption (something that was more likely before SiLabs switched to the new format a few updates ago). I'd welcome correction on this point if there is evidence to the contrary, but I think a lot of it is just urban legend--though on the other hand, Z-Wave not working exactly how it's supposed to would not be the first time that's happened. :slight_smile:


First I am not a novice to Z-Wave. I have been a very long time user of Indigo. When I decided to Switch to Hubitat it was because I thought I could bring in most of my Indigo devices. I also was enamored with your Shabbat app.

Under Indigo we used a Z-wave stick.

I unfortunately decided to use your Smart Start which I believe is the cause of most of my Ghosts. I purchased, on sale, Zooz Remote Switches, a lot of them, and replaced my Aeotec Wallmotes. I would not have a problem if I had never used Smart Start. Because these are battery operated I had to manually include them. Smart Start created a ghost which only shows up in the Z-wave list but somehow has been added without a name so I doesn’t appear on the device list where I could force delete them.

I think Smart Start should not include these Zooz Remote Switches.

The powers who did not anticipate this problem with battery devices should give me a tool to delete these ghosts.

I have a Z-wave stick but don’t see how I can use it to remove a device that physically doesn’t exist.

It needs paired to hubitat as a secondary controller. Follow this step by step. You will need a windows machine though. Or run parallels with windows. Dropbox - Hubitat UZB Stick How-To.pdf - Simplify your life


I am using an iPad Pro. I do have a iMac but no windows setup.

I still don’t understand how you can exclude a device with no activation button.

You would need to run parallels on the mac and install a free demo copy of windows.

You need to install the SiLabs software (free) on the windows installation then plug the z-wave stick into the laptop and then pair it with Hubitat as a secondary controller. You will see this in the link I provided above.

If you read into that that I was saying you specifically were a novice to Zwave, that was not the intent. My point was that giving the nuclear option to someone trying to solve your problem is not the best case scenario and is likely why there isn't one. The vast majority of those posting about ghosts have not read the documentation and continued to add devices even after they had failures that they did not clear from the Zwave table before continuing.

If you got offended, my apologies.


I don't follow everyone's concerns. What's the risk of having the force remove in the sdk
Nothing... so you accidentally remove something you didn't mean to... so you simply have to re-pair it?

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Or you remove that device as well as the actual device it is pinging and bork any Rules/Apps/etc that were relying on it and then you are back in here and asking why you have all these corrupted rules because you were using a built in function.

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It wouldn't remove the actual device. No reason it has to. Just the ghost... on top of that you can already do the same thing if you are worried about that. You can force remove a device in devices (not zwave ) and bork your rules.

My enthusiasm for doing this ghost busting procedure is almost nil. First the expense as I do not have a windows computer. Second I am 82 years old and I am sure this procedure is not going to be smooth sailing. Furthermore the Gurus who created this software should have prevented Smart Start from creating a new node until a physical device was linked.

I am sorry I switched from my Indigo based system and am considering switching back.

I have already used the forced removal button on the device page for several devices. Why they won’t use this logic to let me delete these ghosts escapes me.

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