Power Loss Notification

I thought I would share this rule I created which sends out a notification when power loss is detected and when power has been restored. Additionally it sends a notification every hour during power loss saying that power is still off.

For this, I have the SmartHub and Internet router powered by a UPS (so it is on battery power). Not sure how long the Habitat will last on battery, but I'm sure it's a long long time given my setup.

Feel free to offer suggestions, as I am quite new to the Rule Machine.



Someone just posted a graceful shutdown on a ups. Your rule would round things off nicely.

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Hi, I have a similar setup as you where the Hubitat and other hubs and wifi router are all on a battery back up and was looking for a power outage notification (to my phone if power goes out while I'm not home), however, how does your routine work if it thinks the power is still on because your system is on battery backup?

I should have explained better, I have a power loss device that connects to a sensor which is monitored by hubitat. The power loss device is on a normal out (not connected to battery backup).

Oh ok that makes sense, thanks. Can you share yours or recommend a power out device?

Ring Alarm Range Extender v2 has a 700 series chip and a battery to provide range extender and power outage notifications to Hubitat during a power outage. Use this driver:

Great, already have Ring in the house so this is a win-win, thank you!

On further reading about the Ring Range Extender Gen2, it says it requires the Ring Alarm Security Kit...is this necessary if you're only using it for the power out feature for Hubitat?

It is a zwave device and works as long as you’re running a C-7 hub. I don’t believe they will generally join on the older hub revisions.

Here is what I used (sorry for formating, on mobile):

Power detector:

Z-wave sensor:

So, the power detector plugs into an outlet and then is hardwired to the sensor. Sensor is set to ignore magnet and use the hardwired wires. I'm not at home, but if you need more info I can send a wiring diagram. I think the sensor comes with a wiring diagram though. Otherwise, pretty standard and you can find info online.

There's a full discussion about joining in the driver thread. No, it doesn't require the Ring Alarm Security Kit because it is Z-WavePlus. No, it won't join S2 security mode on less than a C-7, but that's not necessary for Power Fail notification. Yes, even the C-7 has difficulty joining S2 right now with the firmware teething. See the driver thread, above, for discussions of the dance right now. All that is going to be fixed "real soon now" we expect. My C-7 is staying in the box until things settle down.

There are other people successfully using the Ring Alarm Extender v2 for power fail and extender, search the forum. Mine arrives in a week, ordered a few days ago.

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Yep and you’ll notice in that thread a number of people were also having issues getting it to join on a C-5. That is what I’m referring to, but if it’s working for you that’s awesome. So I did in fact read that exact thread before and there were a number of posts about the device having issues, especially trying to get it included, requiring hoops to jump through.

Possibly a recipe for someone to get annoyed by claiming 100% compatibility with a C-5, when that thread clearly says otherwise. But by all means, if it’s working for you, that’s awesome and I’m glad to hear it.

I've paired my ring alarm extender V2 to my c7 hub probably 10 times now. Works just fine.

That said, many people are having inclusion and pairing issues in general on the c7. My point is just that there isn't any device specific issue pairing this device on the c7.

In my opinion the device most certainly is not 100% compatible with the C5 and earlier hubs. That's why you have to go through the weird pairing cycle on those hubs.

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Helpful discussion. Given some of the pairing issues with Ring I think I'm going to go with Wizzeler's Rule and device and see what happens.

Plus all of a sudden I've noticed all of my contact sensors have have stopped communicating with the hub...additionally I received no notice from Hubitat, not even a Night time alarm warning, which is slightly scary since half are saying they're open, but that's a story for another thread.

Thanks all!!!

Hi Wizzler, I just received the USP Power Loss Sensor that you supplied the link for, however I guess there is more to this than I anticipated because there are 3 additional wires that need to be connected to something...maybe to a contact sensor?? Can you please provide setup instructions or a link to a thread that goes into further detail?

Thanks again for your help!


@adam7, You may have missed the 2nd link (above) that I gave you in the same message and the details below the two links. Basically, the 2nd link is the contact sensor that I bought - you take the YELLOW and BLACK wires from the Power detector and connect them to the SW2 wire block on the contact sensor. (you don't need the magnet that comes with the sensor). There is an Amazon review for a guy who did this and has pictures: Robot Check

If that link doesn't work, here is a picture which shows mine.

In Hubitat you register the contact sensor as normal (I have it as a "Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor" driver).

I think that's it - I didn't do anything special beyond that. I did change the program slightly, but not sure it matters.
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There is a huge thread on this topic, but I didn't really follow it because it was mostly DIY building their own circuits and what-not. When I saw the power detector on Amazon, I figured $$ was less important than time (since I wanted it quickly):

Ok great and thanks Wizzeler! I have it up and running now so all is good!!

This project was something I needed and tried to find something pre made- but there wasn't anything. I read a lot of ideas and basically built something similar using an Iris contact sensor. It worked, but I remember reading something someone had posted about the type of device needed to make it all work. That power loss detector consumes power all the time and when the power goes out, the circuit is released and it closes the circuit. Someone had said something along the lines of when those power loss detectors fail, they fail big- as in can be dangerous. I don't know if that's true or not, and anybody else feel free to chime in if they know.

My point is the Ring Range Extenders work WELL for power loss detection, and it's not a cobbled together project. I seriously recommend them instead- and as soon as I got my RIng RE in the mail, my homemade one was unplugged immediately.

If you have a UPS, why not use it to tell you when the power goes out/comes back on. I have to do this for my zigbee bulbs as they come on when power is restored. I use both the UPS and an ESP Arduino device. I need both because the UPS is on a generator and not all my zigbee bulbs are. I’ve documented this here.

Hi guys. I just thought I would contribute my two cents.

I use web pinger along with iPhone pinger (can be used with android and other LAN devices too)
To tell me the state of my devices online. My sonos and onkyo are not wireless and thus if there is no connection to these devices after two minutes, I know the power is out. All lights in the house change to blue dimmed with the help of my inverter and I have notifications to all our phones and the Google that is connected to our inverter.

@Wizzeler Thank you for rounding it up with a timer.
Still not good at rounding code