Power Loss Notification

Great idea! I will love to have this accurate timing info for these events, which thankfully are not that often.

I designed a product for the oil and gas industry based on my 30 years experience dealing with communication failures. If someone must know when power is lost, this product will provide an alarm direct to your cell phone and/or email, and can be sent to any server if needed.
It is used for such application as alerting an operator before an oil tank overflows, or high pressure alarm, valve closure, etc It use the Iridium satellite which is used by the gov, 99.9999 uptime.

See link, let me know if you need my help


What's the price range for one of this?

$900 for hardware complete, has lithium battery pack, battery will last 5-8 years depending. We have some still in service, 8 plus years on original battery. Has built in processor, can monitor 4 dry contacts, transceiver built in, antenna built in, enclosure included, service is world wide. Requires line site of the sky to communicate to iridium satellite receivers, $20/m data plan. Bulk pricing is available.

Its design for out the box, no programming, online within seconds. No computer required

The cloud dependence makes it unattractive to me. Otherwise it’s perfect for my needs.

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What do you mean cloud depended? The raw packet can be sent to any server? If have a server, or smart device. We can send the packet anywhere

the options are, text to cell phone, email alarm, raw packets to anywhere in the world

Some people do not have the resources to receive the raw data, so we offer text alarm and email alarm for those applications, but it is options,