Possible Local Voice Control Option?

Hello everyone. This is my first post since buying my Hubitat. Currently I have many GH minis around my house and was looking for something more local. The main reason for saying towards hubitat (to keep as much as I can local) has anyone seen or done anything with an NXP device? From a brief overview it seems as if it may be able to be integrated with the right programming. I would love to dig into it. But time does not allow these days. I am hoping to have more time in the next few years for more tinkering kind of projects, but at this point i need to source hardware and software in an almost ready to go state. Apparently I can't put in links.....
Broken Link below (add .)
www nxp com/design/designs/nxp-edgeready-mcu-based-solution-for-local-voice-control:MCU-LOCAL-VOICE

Watching with interest - SWMBO has long dreamed of local voice control...

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I just tell mine what to do directly. Although she never listens ha ha ha :sweat_smile:


Local TTS or do you also want it to take voice commands.

The reason I ask, some other home automation products that can do exactly this don’t work as well when it comes to taking speech commands.

I would like to be able to give voice commands and have hubitat turn on or off my lutron lights with minimal delay. Or set brightness levels of my lights. This is the main use of my GH Mini but I don't like how much delay there is after giving the command. I don't use voice for much else other then my bedtime routine.

Honestly, your best option is Alexa or google home that I’ve seen. At least for Hubitat.

I’m not sure you would be happy with speech recognition with some of the local solutions, which I haven’t seen supported under Hubitat.

Something else to keep in mind, if it can be done your speech devices will cost more then Alexa/google home devices . I’m not sure this would justify that 1-2 seconds of time saving.

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I'm an Alexa shop. Have a number of them scattered around the house so we can control everything via voice and even ask for status of stuff if we want to know.

I was keeping my eyes on local voice control options (some that run off a pi) but then also realize that there is more than just the software that helps Alexa hear properly. The mic's have some extra features to pick up where somebody is talking from etc. I don't know if I want to jump into trying to copy this. Maybe there is a 'super' mic out there but I'm pretty sure this will all cost me more than an echo dot.

I also realize the wife started doing much more than controlling things. Asking for weather, playing music, measurement conversions and random fact look ups. Any how I take any of that away now I'm asking for trouble.


That’s a good point. You will loose a lot of functionality too.

Someone here has local voice control, but it is a lot of work (and diy support).

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Tear down a 3rd generation Echo and it quickly becomes apparent that it is much more than a "microphone and a speaker".

Never lose sight of the fact there is HUGE data and HUGE processing behind Alexa. Having the privilege of walking through an AWS data center, as I have, will put paid to the idea of "doing it yourself". Believe.


I also tried to find a descent voice control. I thought GH was somehow fast enough for me but, my priority to get everything local has increase. So I have pur SmartThings buttons and Lutron buttons everywhere. Got also old phones that I use with dashboards always on.
I’m using also tts but somehow, HU needs to access google to get the tts back in mp3. So I’m working to make all the mp3 I want to replace the tts commands. Soon, I’ll be 100% local.
If we find a proper LOCAL voice command, I’ll jump into it.
I’ll follow this thread... :+1:

We're an Alexa household but I recently started using Siri via HomeBridge and have to say like it much better than Alexa. It runs locally (as well as being able to control remotely), almost instantaneous, understands more, and can tell you things like how many or which lights are on. In addition, you get a simple dashboard on your iPhone or iPad.


Thanks for that fascinating idea...

Just to put some nuance on that... none of the popular voice systems are local. Not Siri, not Alexa, not Google Home. Every one of them takes your recorded voice and sends it to their cloud to be 'translated/converted.' The result is sent back, where it gets executed locally. GH and Echo have acesss via OAuth and Hubitat's Cloud to your Hubitat Hub. Siri returns the result to HomeKit, which then uses Homebridge to get the commands to your Hubitat hub.


@glenn, I was curious about this as well. I cannot find any information where Siri can run locally, without the internet, except for very simple 'play', 'pause', 'stop' commands for music playback. Are you saying that you can control HomeKit devices via Siri without an internet connection on your iPhone/iPad? I know HomeKit runs locally, but I thought that almost all Siri voice commands still needed to be processed by Apple's cloud servers, just like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. If Siri can actually do more without an internet connection, that would be very interesting... :thinking:


Does anybody have an experience with integrating the NXP MCU Local Voice with Hubitat?

The closest I’ve seen to any local control from the big players is from google.

I think it involves two parts. Voice recognition and device control.

It’s still being worked on but the interesting part was the last post where they mentioned the local voice processing on the pixel phones. I remember reading that last year some time. They may be able to expand it to devices if it works out. Even if it’s just to do simple commands without the cloud people would be happy.

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I’ve thought of this as well but was unsure how well it work work with the Hubitat. We have Alexa Dots scattered around the house but there seems to be more delays now since I switched over from our Wink system. What Apple device are you using to run everything?

I assume you're asking @glenn?

You can say “hey Siri” to any of the Apple devices listed here:

None are a particularly wallet-friendly alternative to Echo dots if you have several of them...