Porting ST Device Handler for Fibaro Temp Sensor

I used a custom device handler I found online in Smartthings, however have no idea how to port this over to Hubitat. I tried pasting the code in as a new driver and, as expected, that did not work.

Is there a common theme to replacing code to get these working or is it a complete rewrite? The device handler I use is linked below. Thanks!

The driver I use is on GitHub if you search for "JJ's Fibaro FGK-101 Handler"

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Try looking here:

Have you tried paring it and using one of the native drivers?

I also have a few of these and tried to do some wrangling of DTHs to make them work, but I had some issues and have abandoned these, for now. Not sure it was driver related, could also be hardware as I could never get them factory reset properly with the correct blinking pattern.

It seems that one problem HE is having is with a certain encapsulation of Fibaro codes that is not supported yet (Crc16Encap)

In the meantime I have been using my Fibaro FGBS-321 as a temperature monitor and that works very well with 4 temp probes with the correct driver and setup steps.

As I will most likely want to try again to get the FGK working, I would be very interested in a driver port if you get that far.

Already posted here.

Thanks for all the advice. I will try these out.