POE Adapter Discussion

I have this same one, causes problems with z-wave on the unifi switch (8) with the C8

I have never actually seen that, and I have all zwave devices.. no zigbee at all.

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Only have C7's both are working great no issues with Z-Wave.

My C7 has never had an issue with a UniFI POE switch to a USB adapter.

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Right, no issues have been shown with the C7, POE splitter, and Unifi Switches...

It seems when it happens it's only with the C8, POE Splitter and Unifi Switches.

Eliminate the Unifi Switch or the POE splitter and all is good.

It only effects z-wave not zigbee.

Some people like @ogiewon are not having issues, but a lot are.

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Hmm...well I am looking at the specs of my switches and POE adapters. I have the POE's plugged into ports that are POE++ which can push 60W but again power is negotiated from the POE adapter as 802.3af requesting regular POE. I wonder if there is some noise leakage from the splitter circuit that is causing the issue.?

My suggestion is see if POE vs. POE+ vs. POE++ on the switch may be a contributor. My current switches only turn POE off and on you can't hard set the POE/+/++ mode. Another test is to plug into a port with POE disabled, install a injector on the cable and see if it happens with the injector.

Just a heads up as stated I have used 4 different models of Unifi POE switches and none of them have caused issues.


Zwave frequencies are region dependent. Be sure to take that into consideration.

Sorry, we're 'Mericuns. We only think about ourselves. :wink:


This simply isn't feasible. However, given that it is all in the 900Mhz area, I don't think it's an issue.


FYI, the posts are here:


Interesting as well. @blkist just posted this...


I linked @blkist w/Denny's topic earlier this AM and Denny is already chatting w/him. :slight_smile:


I'd definitely like PoE as well, but don't think any of the HA products do that; would be nice to do without a PoE splitter, but then the heat issue could be a problem.

Home Assistant Yellow is available in a PoE-powered version.


Can we set up a macro that automatically re-directs anyone who asks for built-in POE to the Home Assistant Yellow product page? :wink:


I'd rather buying a hub that addresses my requirement rather than just having one nice to have. The Home Assistant Yellow doesn't do Z-Wave (as well as ZigBee) or HomeKit.

But to add to the PoE adapter discussion, I've had no problems so far using my Netgear Prosafe 24 port PoE switch with a gigabit splitter off Aliexpress (not the cheapest, but supposedly shielded).

Yellow has ZigBee built-in (and Thread, using the multiprotocol support.) Z-Wave is available via the usual stick form or from a GPIO radio module that you can insert into the Yellow.


I think he was thinking of HA Green where the radio options are indeed extra

Here is a thread that could help understand the POE issues further.