C-8 Pro

Feel sorry for the C8...the C8-Pro is the new hub in town that is beating up all the C8's that thought they were kings of the beach. :wink:


Feels like the C-8 is Woody from Toy Story?


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Amazon https://a.co/d/1xcsP9S shows it as A55

Yep, I went ahead and got one, mostly because I've been wanting a cold-spare for my C8 as is, and I can use my old C8 as a cold-spare for a C8-Pro, as Hub Protect backups from a C8-Pro can be restored onto a C8 in a pinch. That way I'm not down for a couple days waiting on a Hub Protect replacement.

That said, it's definitely noticeably faster.


HE staff recently provided detailed info on the HW changes over generations...summary below, w/changes highlighted:


Can confirm, the difference in the C-8 Pro's performance is NOT subtle, especially in the UI navigation and boot times.


Have not seen any posts from you in a long time Mark. Maybe I just missed them. Anyway, it’s nice to see you’re still around. Curious which hub you were upgrading from?

If it is as danabw quotes and is an Amlogic A113X2 SOC
According to here it is an A53? So I am still confused as to what it is.

The info I shared came from HE staff directly, you can trust it. Original post:

I don't know why there is different info on Amazon.

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Not disputing that part,

Was just saying the A113X2 according to the link and image I posted above shows the A113X2 as A53 not A55 as on the Amazon page.

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According to Amlogic's site it's an A55? https://www.amlogic.com/#Products/426/index.html


:point_up: Exactly!

Plus, the performance improvements definitely suggest more than a simple clock speed bump. The A55 memory bus is greatly improved (32bit vs 16bit) over the A53.


Say what? That's not what it shows at all.


I think he was saying that at this link (the one he posted originally) it says A53 on the photo - not your website or Amazon.

That website/picture appears to be wrong.


Ah, that's what happens when I don't follow links in posts (which I almost never do).


Likely as there is so many typos and miss info out there.

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I have around 15 of these Poe splitters in my ceiling powering aeotec smart sensors 6 and recently powering a c8 which is now located in the top floor roof (coming into winter here now and yet to see if it holds up to summer roof heat:-/) connecting all 20 zwave device in the top floor. C8 pro handles ground floor zwave devices and automation logic for all devices using hub mesh.

The c8 in the top floor ceiling uses these antenna


I nearly forgot to mention that I have a 48 port GS748TPS Netgear POE Switch, the first 4 x ports are Poe+ capable (for pan tilt cameras) rest of ports are Poe only