Please recommend a good ceiling fan and light controller

My Hampton bay controller in the kitchen is unresponsive and won't take commands from either the remote, or a factory reset. I need to replace the controller.

I also have a couple of hugger style fans that need to be controlled as well.

I know Zooz has something, not sure what the model # is and their website is quirky.

Can anyone recommend another good, easy to install, and reliable controller?

I have one Hampton Bay Fan controller still working out of three one I replaced with an Inovelli LZW36 and have no issues. It replaces the module in the fan housing and there is a switch which is the Z-Wave part that just needs power and neutral, it sends RF signals to the fan module.

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Seconded. I absolutely Love the LZW36. I have one in my Master Bedroom controlling a Ceiling Hugger fan, and another in my loft, also running a ceiling hugger. Plan on replacing my two HBFCs with them eventually.


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I have a Lutron fan controller and it works great! I probably would have gone with Inovelli’s if they had been available when I purchased the Lutron, but other than having two wall switches instead of just one, I am happy with my purchase.

I used the King of Fans controller (private labeled as Hampton Bay for Home Depot) in my last house. When they work they are nice. When they don't..., I the are a pain in the :horse:

My current house is wired for separate fan and light control. I use the Homeseer HS-FC200+ for fan control and Eaton RF9640 dimmers for light control.

I still have a couple of the KoF controllers if anyone wants them. I can make you a deal. They are new in box.

Oh, I do use the Zooz ZEN30 for bathroom fan/light combos in a single gang box. I like those too.

My issue is, and I think I need an electrician for this one, I will likely start another thread about this...

My home has a single switch feeding the ceiling fans except for one. The switch provides power on / off to the fan housing, which is then controlled by the manual chain pull switches on the fans / lights.

My living room ceiling fan having cathedral ceiling, is outfitted with a separate switch for fan control and light control. For the fan I use the GE switch / controller, don't recall the model but it works, for lights I use a Zooz Zen 22.

I VERY MUCH like my Zooz switches, and intend to use more IF I can.

I am pretty annoyed with the KOF controllers as they have been super spotty radio wise, and, well function wise. But I don't know of other currently avaialble in the canopy controllers that are not WiFi. And I am not putting anything on WiFi if I can avoid it.

I may have to go with the Zen30 to replace my KOF controllers, but would need some rewiring done in the attic do support this.

Again I have an electrician that can help me sort this out. After my experience with Smartthings, it might not be a bad thing to have the wall switch control anyway to allow me to manually operate the fan and light should automations fail.

The Inovelli LZW36s work great in the case where there is a single switch as long as there is neutral in the switch box as you simply tie the line and load together with a wire going to the switch so the fan line is always live as well as the switch then the switch tells the fan module to turn on/off/dim the light or turn on/off/adjust the speed of the fan.

Yes, the Inovellis (and the Hampton Bay) are the only real solution when you just have the one wire from the switch box to the light. With the Inovelli, you will always have a neutral at the switch box or be able to easily put a neutral in the switch box. One of my fans was only a single two conductor wire from my fan to my switch box and furthermore it was wired in a switch loop (which means there was no neutral at the switch box). With the installation of the Inovelli switch it is easy to redo the connections in the fan's octagon box to send both a hot and neutral to the switch box, while still powering the fan. If you do not understand how to do this, you may need a electrician, but it really is not that hard.

If you only have one wire (2 conductors) from the switch box to the fan the Inovelli is a great solution. It does not matter if neither of the wires at the switch box are neutral, because if one of the wires is not neutral it is easy to make one of them neutral by simply changing some connections at the fan box.

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I am not sure since the model # isn't coming up in a Google search. But it looks like this one direct from Innovelli.

Is this the right one? It sure would be a LOT cheaper than running new copper through my attic!

Yes, that is the LZW36.


Since the ceiling fans impact the perception of comfort in the home, thus allowing AC to be run less, I am going to put these on the priority shopping list. I need 6 of them, Is there anywhere else that sells for less or is Inovelli direct it? $70.00 a pop isn't horrible, but $70x6 = $420.00 + assuming they charge my local ssales tax, $34.65.

I know it's not a LOT per se, but then again, it adds up. There is a reason I wanted to keep my Iris components working, to keep costs down, and honestly because I never had a single giltch with any of them after setup, although some didn't set up at all but that is a different kettle of fish as it were.

If only I had this to spend time and money on... but nope.

I think Inovelli directly is the only choice right now, in the US anyway.

I'll throw my hat in for Inovelli as well. We have one in our master bedroom and love it! As we start changing out our ceiling fans, I'll be adding more.