Phillips Hue Motion Sensor Only Seems to Report Lux When Motion is Active

Not sure what's up with that.
I shine a flashlight on it while motion is inactive. No change in lux. If I wave my arm and get it active, lux updates.

what firmware.. i was having that issue on the outdoor motion and found out that there was a firmware update for that exact issue.. i had to just reset it (leave it on hubitat) and temporarly put it direct on the hue hub to get the firmware update then reset again and rejoin to hubitat then it starting working as it should.

also be aware when you rejoinn zigbee devices it just silently starts working and doesnt show anything.

Oddly, if I choose "On Motion Report" for lux reporting, it does absolutely nothing.
If I choose something like 10 lux, it only changes while reporting motion (active).

How would I find out the firmware version? I'm a zigbee neophyte.

Also, I'd have to buy a Hue hub.

I wonder if this is a device driver bug?

i dont think there is a way to tell in hubitat.. you can tell if you put it on the hue hub..

New Firmware Update for Outdoor Motion Sensor - Hue Home Lighting

maybe you have afried or neighbor with a hue hub.. or try ebay. they are not much just make sure to get the ver 2.1 square one

I just bought it yesterday at Home Depot. I don't think it's a year and a half long.

30 minutes to do the firmware update?

mine was brand new from amazon as well but still had old firmware.. go figure.

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Device firmware updates are very slow. But the good thing is you don’t need to do them all the time.

Does this firmware version look familiar?
I changed the device driver to "device" and hit "info"

Software Build Id:

Well, now it's not doing anything wrt lux.
I guess I'll get a hub.

If it’s a firmware issue and you don’t want to buy the bridge to update it, an alternative would be to build a rule that refreshes on a periodic schedule.

There is unlikely to be a need to have the lux updated that frequently, so you can just a call a refresh every 30 min or something like that.

@mike.maxwell , I found a thread about the Hue motion sensor that you commented on. Would you have any view on this?

Even refresh doesn't get the lux reporting going unless motion is active.

You’re probably going to have to either update or return it. But did you ensure the batteries are in good condition? Mine doesn’t do anything like yours is doing. Although I do have a Hue Bridge and I may have updated it, can’t remember.

I’m assuming this is the indoor sensor? My indoor sensor is on the Hue bridge. My outdoor sensor is on HE.

Can you look up your firmware version?
Mine is: Software Build Id:
edit: according to Hubitat

Could you please look up your firmware version as well?

Indoor is 6.11.27475, outdoor is

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Sure looks later than mine.
Maybe I'll be able to use the Hue hub for other stuff.

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