Peanut Plug Spurious Power Reporting

I searched the forum, but I couldn't find anything regarding my question...

I have several Peanut outlets that I updated to the newest firmware. Using the Generic Zigbee Driver I get power reporting (nice). However, checking the logs, even when the plugs are off I occasionally get a report of ~235W. This happens with all the peanut outlets. This does not happen with my Smartthings outlets.

Has anyone seen this? Know the cause/mitigation? or is it something obvious I am overlooking?


if you enable debug logging in the driver while this is happening and post a screen shot of that, it might me something that we can fix.

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your speedy reply. All I have done is enable debug logging and toggle the plugs on/off. It hasn't happened again yet, but once it does I will post the screen shot. Like all troubleshooting in my life, once I start to look at an issue, the issue disappears...

Debug Log

Guestroom Camera 238...

@mike.maxwell @BD_1652

I can reproduce this with all of my Peanut plugs as well (I have 5 of them). I don't remember seeing previously. Just turned debug logging on. Here are info logs for three of them:

Edit - will update with debug logs on one or more of them as soon as I can.

Here's a debug log snippet from one of mine (Peanut - water valve). This outlet is setup using the "Generic zigbee outlet" driver:

Also, on one of the others, I switched to the "Generic zigbee switch" driver. It has stopped reporting spurious power readings. So maybe the issue is with the driver and not the Peanut hardware itself.

@BD_1652 - if you have multiple Peanut plugs, could if you check if changing the driver to "Generic zigbee switch" eliminates the spurious readings?

Yes, I have several, I changed a couple to Generic Zigbee Switch and will keep debug logs going. Switch won't do power reporting so it shouldn't give any power values correct?

Yup. That's correct. There's also a custom Peanut driver that was posted here a while back. That also doesn't report spurious values. I'm no longer using it, because I want to remain as "stock" as possible.

What would concern me is that the messages are going to hubitat that frequently and bogging down the zigbee mesh with unneeded messages. It should only report to the hub when the power changes more than the minimum setting. Not all the time like it is. That's a lot of extraneous messaging.

True - but it's not that frequent. Seems to happen once every 10 minutes.

Well, twice every 10 minutes. But if you have 10 peanut plugs.... it all starts to add up in the end. And we've been told that the radios are the true bottleneck.

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Yes. I meant one pair every 10 minutes. There's another thread about a difference between 5 events/second vs ~70 events/second. My 5 Peanut plugs aren't approaching that level quite yet .... :grin:

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No....I saw that with the MQTT stuff. I was looking at trying to set that up since I've been looking at MQTT for a LONG time. Then I saw that thread and I was like...."maybe I'll wait a little longer." :wink:

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Hey, it isn't my fault hubitat's alpha/beta mqtt client can't handle the speed without buffering into Oblivion and killing itself. :slight_smile:

Hopefully they will add some monitoring states to trap/see that is happening. Like a live queued messages statistic...


generic zigbee switch doesn't parse power reports, but it won't stop the device from producing them.

Looking at the debug frames when using generic zigbee outlet, there is certainly something wrong with all of these outlets, first it's reporting 308 watts, then 4 seconds later it's reporting 0 watts, and I'm not seeing the outlet being turned off.

I suppose I could tell the driver not to report a value of zero watts when the outlet is on, but that could actually produce an incorrect reading for devices using this driver that don't have this bug in their firmware...

So power reporting on these is not correct, nothing I can do about that really.

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I believe that - and your explanation of zigbee switch vs outlet makes perfect sense. FWIW, I have a spare Peanut - do you want me to send it to you?

So, you think the problem might be in the firmware?

I had planned to update my one peanut via Deconz today as a test. I guess those plans are now canceled.

The device has broken/bad firmware, nothing I can do about it.

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why not update it?, maybe that fixes this problem, its unlikely it will make it worse...

Because it's on the stock firmware that doesn't report power at all. So zero power messages. :slight_smile:

Someone was saying that they hadn't been able to update the firmware via Deconz (and a Conbee) instead of the Almond router. So I was going to see if I could do it.