PC light

Hi guys, I need to turn on a LED strip, when I turn on my PC, and do it. Thanks

Possibly a smart outlet/strip you trust to plug your computer into that monitors power. Then a smart light strip. When the outlet power usage is above a certain level (computer on) have rule machine turn on the Light strip.

I have a Philips hue strip

That would work well

Which socket do you recommend?

This could be done with eventghost as well. On pc boot have eventghost turn on the lights.

Or not go for a socket. But use the [RELEASE] Web Pinger
It will ping your PC and mark it present when on and not present when off.

Lots of good options here. None are perfect so you'll have to choose on your own.

What I see:
My suggestion, costs money to buy the device, and you'll have to find one that you trust to have your PC plugged into. I'm sure there are reputable ones out there... but I don't currently have anything I would trust with my PC so I can't (won't) recommend anything. Currently mine are all cheap(ish) zigbee outlets. My iris ones report power, and I have some TVs plugged into them only to report when they are drawing power. They work well, but I'd be weary of plugging my computer into them. If you go this route, I'd do some research on some higher end plugs or surge protector power strips.

The eventghost is a good solution as well. I've used the program before, and I find it reliable. But it is another link in the system, off from HE, to keep running. Though I've never had any problems with it once it is up and running.

I also like the WebPinger solution, as it is on HE. After a very quick look, I think the biggest issue with that one is that it says it pings every 5 minutes, so there would likely be a delay of on and off for the light.

It's like a choose your own adventure novel for what works best for you.

Thinking some more, the eventghost might be your best solution. I assume (not sure) you could play with the settings so that the light would only come on with some form of user interaction - such as screen on, or possibly mouse movement. Not positive on that, but the other two options would likely have the light come on if the computer wakes for updates at night. Unless you have a separate monitor from the computer, and you decide the outlet route, then I'd probably plug the power outlet into the monitor not the computer. Less worried about losing a monitor, and then it would only be triggered when the screen comes on.

Just for fun - why not some form of sensor on the chair. So light comes on when you are sitting there whether you are using the computer or not.

This is obviously the type of situation as well, where if you are already sitting at the desk, it's not that hard to hit a button versus having the light come on automatically. A button would also give you more control if you don't want the strip on. But it does lose some of the "cool" factor. Maybe a combination of button and auto on/off by means of your choice to get the best of both worlds.

I would suggest looking at EventGhost.

I do this. I have a remote power socket that I turn on via button or Google home. Plugged into the power board is my PC, 3 monitors, and strip light (not hue), that all turn on together when the remote power socket turns on. My PC is set to turn on upon power resumption (set in bios).

Not a criticism, but are you just very careful not to turn off the power to the strip while the PC is still on? I obviously do similar with some items as described above, but I'm only using the power monitoring, and am careful not to expose the switch to things like google home.

Yes, I'm careful. Although once my son was showing it off to a mate, and his mate said turn off everything. I wasnt happy that day.