Patched webCoRE for Hubitat (2018/09/09)

Ctrl X makes much more sense than :w :slight_smile:
I eventually found all the commands for VI but it was really confusing to do the edits, thanks for the NANO idea that was much easier

I agree about the 'vi' edits. Thats all I knew though. PITA.
Learn something everyday.
Have you managed to edit the file OK and get it working?

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100% everyday is a school day :smile: thanks for your help so far.
yes just checked and it worked! now got to try the next stage.

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hopefully last hurdle is this


I'm in poke and hope mode here.
On the highlighted line, are your permissions the same.
All the drwx etc. stuff on the left.

@bobbles looks like it

Yeah. Looks the same.
Not sure what to say.
I'm assuming is your RPi.


I really don't know what to say/suggest.
I put in the IP address as you do and the dashboard comes up.

I also had this on the first attempt. If you browse to /var/www/ do you see webCoRE as a file or directory?

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For info @BorrisTheCat
This is what I see.

i only have this


These are the file properties I have. Is it possible to change it?

EDIT: Target file is
/home/pi/webCoRE/dashboard NOT pwd

Delete it.

Then go back to this bit from the root.
cd webCoRE
git checkout hubitat-patches
cd dashboard

sudo ln -s `pwd` /var/www/webcore

So when you run sudo ln -s pwd /var/www/webcore
You should be in webCoRE/dashboard, this I believe should create that directory like this.



sudo a2enmod rewrite
sudo service apache2 restart

don't have permission to delete for some reason

sudo rm -f webcore ?

Maybe try stopping Apache first?

how do you do that again?


sudo service apache2 stop

says stop command not found

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