Pairing Hue Motion Sensor

I bought a refurb Hue Motion Sensor from Amazon. I saw it on the compatibility list, and like the design. However, I can’t seem to get Hubitat to see it during Zigbee discovery. I’ve tried resetting the sensor in a number of ways, but no luck. I was able to pair it to the Hue hub, and then deleted it from the Hue app. Tried Hubitat again, and still no luck. Any ideas on what may be wrong?

It's been a while since I last did this but it seems to me that it did NOT pair easily, at least not the indoor. I think the outdoor one did OK. If I remember right I just kept trying the normal process and eventually it paired. You don't say which hub version or platform version you have but I also don't think any of the current issues affect Zigbee pairing. Could be wrong about that though.

Thanks. I’ve got a C-5 hub with latest firmware, and this is the outdoor sensor.

Sorry but I got nothing of use. Somebody will though.

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Its been a while, but I think I had a couple issues but after a couple resets it came up. When you reset it, you are holding the reset button until the LED flashes between orange and green right?

You need to hold the reset for at least 20-30 seconds, I usually wait for the light to flash 3 times. I would also recommend updating the firmware if you have a Hue hub if its not up to date. I don;t have the outdoor version, but it does work for me with the indoor sensor.


If I hold it about 10 seconds, the light goes green for a bit. If I let it go after that, it cycles red/green/orange very quickly and then starts flashing red or orange (single flash every 1 or 2 seconds). I’ve also found that if I hold it 20-25 secs, there is another long green flash that may signify another mode. It still does the same cycle thing upon release, and then flashes red or orange after that. Either way, Hubitat doesn’t see it.

Yeah that is normal, if you hold the reset down for 30 seconds you should see 3 green flashes 10 seconds apart. After you let go after the 3rd flash it should start flashing orange, at this point put HE in pairing mode and it should find the sensor.

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I have both and they paired straight away after updating them on Hue and then deleting. They do seem to be a bit particular about repeaters they will stay connected to. For that I have GE dimmers, and Sylvania and SmartThings outlets in range of mine with no issues.

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Yeah, I've tried it several times now waiting for 3 total green flashes, but no luck. I also tried shutting down Hubitat and removing power, then re-powering, just to make sure the Zigbee system is being fully reset with no residual state. Still no luck.

I may try pairing with Hue hub some more, and then deleting. And you had a good point about updating. I only paired it once with the Hue hub, and not sure I updated any firmware.

Could it have anything to do with range? I have had some devices in the past that would not pair and/or exclude (usually Z-Wave) unless they were close to the hub. It may be just a Z-Wave thing, but I actually bought a $25 remote that I use exclusively to exclude Z-Wave devices. Very easy to take it close to them, and it helps to ensure I exclude the right device. I've had some GE Z-Wave switches disappear from the Hubitat network, and the only way I could get them to pair again was to pair with with SmartThings, and then re-pair with Hubitat.

I would try to pair it back to Hue and see if it will update. It usually takes a couple hours for some reason. When you delete it from Hue, it should reset automatically and go into pairing mode. Immediately try to discover it on Hubitat.

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Thanks. Updating is worth a shot.

Zigbee is much shorter range than zwave (think Bluetooth range). You may need to add more repeating devices.
Edit: It took forever to update it even though I had it sitting on the Hue bridge.

Also for sanity's sake, I would try and pair standing right next to the hub, to see if it's a range thing or something bigger?

Well, I re-paired it with the Hue hub, and then went to check the firmware update status. It said it was last updated TODAY. So, I figured maybe it had happened really quickly while I was fiddling with the initial config (e.g., setting it to a room/location). So, I deleted it and tried going back to Hubitat. Still can't discover it. I guess I'll go back to Hue hub and just let it sit overnight.

I'm only 10-15 ft from the hub, line of sight. I've also tried holding the sensor really close to the Hubitat hub, though, and still no dice. I've worked with Bluetooth for 20 years now, so I'm pretty familiar with that. :slight_smile:

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That is so odd, I have never heard of people having issues with discovering these sensors. I would test it on my own sensor so I could tell you EXACTLY what I did, but I rather not roll the dice that all associated automations would have to be fixed.

What zigbee repeaters do you have?

I'm not sure I have any Zigbee repeaters that are connected to Hubitat at the moment. I had some old Lowes Iris repeaters that had Z-Wave and Zigbee in them, but I didn't spend much time trying to get those to work when I moved to Hubitat. Very hard to get both the Z-Wave and Zigbee to be recognized at the same time. Almost all of my Zigbee devices are the Lowes Iris V1 variety. In fact, I'm not sure I have any non-Iris ZIgbee devices. I could try unplugging the relays ... if I can remember where they are. :slight_smile: One is pretty far from the Hubitat. The other is probably upstairs not too far above the Hubitat which is sitting on top of an entertainment cabinet, about 8-9 ft up. It's also possible that they have batteries in them. I seem to recall that some of the Lowes Iris devices would still work even if unplugged, and I think it was the relays.

The hub can only support 32 zigbee devices without adding repeaters. I’m not familiar with the Iris plugs, but I’m pretty sure @ogiewon is and could possibly give you some tips for pairing them, or point you in the right direction. That might solve your problems with both networks. They seem to be well regarded devices in the community.