Is the temperature sensor exposed in the Hue Outdoor Motion sensor when its paired to Hubitat?

Definitely a possibility.

Is this paired direct with Hubitat rather than the Hue Bridge?
I'm in the UK and looking for a way to report outdoor temperature, and having lux on this too is a nice extra!


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Cheers. All my Hue devices are paired to the Hue hub currently but toying with the idea of using directly with Hubitat to give more functionality...

I have all my Hue motion sensors etc connected directly to Hubitat
The only devices connected to my Hue Bridge are the bulbs and I think one dimmer.

Connecting the sensors directly to Hubitat gives you additional features (like Lux and Temperature) which do not present themselves when connected to Hubitat via the Hue Bridge connection


I assume by connecting the dimmers to hubitat you can effectively use them as buttons for any switch / app etc?

I just got a Philips Hue Outdoor motion sensor on Amazon that was said to be a refurb. However, I can't seem to get Hubitat to recognize it. I did get the Philips Hue bridge to connect to it, just to check that it can be made to work, and then I deleted it from the Hue app and tried again with Hubitat. Still no joy. I tried holding down the button for various lengths of time, and I see the sensor flashing various colors, but I can't seem to find documentation on what it all means, and none of the modes seem to make it discoverable by Hubitat. Any clues on what to try?

I have only just added mine tonight for the first time, took 40 seconds for Hubitat to detect it!
Assume you using Zigbee pairing?

Yes, using ZIgbee. I started another topic on the pairing. I've tried all kinds of things, but no dice. Pairing Hue Motion Sensor

That is strange as I only unboxed mine for the first time last night and it worked straight off...

What model number is yours? Mine is 9290019758

I have that same model number.

Very strange! I never expected it to be as simple as it was...

Can you return to Amazon or too late?

How often is the lux reported back to the HE? My Aqara motion sensors "only" report the lux to the HE when a motion is triggered.

It's completely configurable:

This is a screen shot of the Lux options available in the upcomming platform 2.2.4
Platform versions prior to 2.2.4 also have Lux reporting options, just not as many


What does the log10 precision 1 mean?

there will be a post describing this with the release notes.

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Hi all,

I've just installed a Hue outdoor motion sensor to HE. I paired directly to HE. I bought this primarily as a Lux sensor, but I don't see a Lux reading. It is the same model number as above. The driver shows as "Hue Motion Sensor." I selected the Hue outdoor sensor when I paired with HE. How do I get Lux readings from this device? Thx.

I have seen on occasion it taking a few hours for the first reading to be produced.

Thank you, Mike!

I moved it next to the hub and now it is working. :slight_smile:

Philips Hue Outdoor Motion - Firmware upgrade requires much patience - Get Help / Devices - Hubitat