Pairing Hue Motion Sensor

Hmmm .... well, I count 36 Zigbee devices right now in the Settings->Zigbee Details area. 34 are Iris V1 devices. Then I have 1 Samsung SmartThings button, and another Generic Zigbee Outlet (I'm actually not sure what that one is. :slight_smile: Last activity from March 2019).

That's probably why the Hue won't pair. Need to add the Iris plugs.

I have 8 Iris V1 plugs in use, and most of those are around the same room where I was attempting to pair, which is also the same room with the Hubitat. 4 are in the same room with the hub.

Those are a different zigbee protocol (alertme) and not zigbee HA1.2 compliant. I don't know that those will work.

You mean work as relays? They work fine as plugs. :slight_smile: But, yeah, that gives me some ideas. I do have some other HA 1.2 plugs around. The Samsung one is still paired, so I may just need to plug it in.

As repeaters for Zigbee 1.2

I found that the Generic Zigbee Plug listed under Devices was an Iris V2 Centralite plug. Interestingly, it is labeled Z-Wave, as I believe it has a Z-Wave repeater in it, but the plug function is Zigbee. I removed it and re-paired it, and tried discovering the motion sensor with and without this device attached. No dice. Then I paired up the Samsung STS-OUT-US-2. Still no dice on the motion sensor. I’m not sure if any of these have HA 1.2, though.

My only Zigbee/Z-Wave repeaters are those Iris v2 plugs, they can be both at the same time btw, and I have no issues with discovering the Hue motion sensor, you have tried discovering when the motion sensor is right next to the hub correct?

Those are both HA1.2
I would pair both, then shut down the hub and unplug it for 30 seconds. Then plug it back in and see if it will join. This will reconfigure the routing table.

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Yes, I’ve held it right next to the hub, and just now also left it sitting next to the Samsung plug.

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Tried it ... still no dice. :frowning: Being the masochist that I am, I ordered another 1 of these sensors. It will arrive tomorrow, and I’ll see what happens.

Try unplugging all the V1 repeaters/plugs and see if it will pair. I had difficulty pairing Hue devices in the past when I had peanut plugs (which I have replaced with 2018 SmartThings outlets). Maybe the V1 repeaters are interfering.

Try a different Zigbee channel. Check your Hubitat and Hue channels, make sure they aren't the same. Choose a channel that minimizes Wifi issues.

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Looks like Hue is on channel 25 and Hubitat on channel 14. I don't have a lot of 2.4GHz Wi-Fi devices. Mostly 5GHz. I have 3 dozen other Zigbee devices that seem to work fine. I'd say the most likely culprits are either the 32-device limit or maybe some weird interaction with Lowe's Iris V1 devices. I have another motion sensor arriving today, so will see what it does. If it also doesn't pair, then I may try removing unplugging the V1 Zigbee repeater devices, and then maybe removing a few Zigbee devices.

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You could try changing to zigbee channel to 15 or 20, which are between WiFi 1&6 and 6&11 respectively, and see if that helps any, especially if your wifi is on channel 1-6. I don’t know how the older alertme zigbee devices would respond though. I know that the Hue hub only had channels 11,15,20, & 25 to choose from. I have mine paired on channel 19, so I would doubt that is the problem.

Does the zigbee radio on the hubitat actually run at 2.4GHz though because I read online that for regions like the US, it was switched to 915MHz.

Zwave runs at 908 MHz in the US.

BTW: channels 25&26 are lower power

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Zigbee Home Automation uses 2.4GHz. Most of the remote Zigbee meter reading equipment is 900MHz in US. Z-Wave is also 900MHz in US.

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Well, I got the new sensor, and have the same issue. I'll try to spend some time this weekend experimenting with some other things, like unplugging some Iris V1 devices and removing some Zigbee devices to see if that helps.

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I finally got them both to pair, but I'm not sure exactly what made it work. I had purchased a couple of Aeotec quad Z-wave buttons to replace a couple of the old Iris V1 Zigbee buttons, and after removing one of the Iris V1 buttons, I decided to try pairing one of the Hue Motion sensors again. It worked after a couple of tries. So, then I removed the other Iris V1 button, and tried pairing the other Hue sensor, but it didn't work after many tries. Then today I decided to try again, and after several tries, the other Hue motion sensor finally showed up.