Outside weather trigger tstat

What the easiest way to get outside temp to use as a trigger for control of my Ecobee tstat.. I searched and got lost in the rabbit hole of drivers, api and other stuff over my head...



openweathermap is likely the easiest choice if you don't have your own outside weather station.

It is available in HPM to install

You will need a 3.0 onecall key, which will ask for a credit card, but you should never pay as the integration uses less than the allowed free requests. I created a virtual card for this when setting it up, so it is easy to control were anything to happen

Is there a step by step to install ? is it open weather? weather.gov what???
3.0 onecall key I have no idea what that is...Lost


so i loaded it in HPM and it show up in there, and I setup the above account and can access api, now what I am so lost....my an electrician not a programmer :frowning: agh

So if you have a device for your thermostat in Hubitat, and a device for outside weather, you can write an automation for what you want to do

You can use Rule machine, webcore, or perhaps other automation tools depending on what you want to accomplish.

So you need to state more what you want to accomplish and someone can comment on what automation tool may be best for this.

Or use the Ecobee Suite app which uses the same data displayed on your ecobee. Some forecast data is available also.

I can provide more info if interested.

i s this different from the integration app??



Similar to the built in integration, but has much more functionality. Also available through HPM.

I have a couple of outside sensors (Zooz 4-in-1, Hue Outdoor, and a Weatherflow Tempest). Any of these can be used as a trigger for temp. Do you have any outdoor sensors?

Would having an ecoBee remote temp sensor outside work for what you are looking for?

I am still struggling to get this to work. It can't be this hard.. I want 75 degrees or above to set one temp and below 65 to set another. Its like the Open weather app is not reporting the temp change... I can watch the temp change on Open weather but it never triggers anything...I can set up a virtual switch and turn it on or off and have the automation fire.. I bought a zooz temp sensor and it won't trigger it either.
maybe a temp sensor can't fire an automation???. what am i missing here..


Post a screen shot of your automation. Temperature sensors can definitely work as trigger devices.

Can you post the rule you're making?

How do you post a screen shot??

another question, what should the hold setting be on the tstat...?

hold untill next scheduled event or
hold tell i change it


in windows click start then type snip and the windows snip tool will come up. Click new then pull a box over the section your shotting and paste it to the body of the message

The temp will stay what you set it at till you change it... That said here is a rule like yours in Rule machine.

why doesn't my rule work? i have another one setup for if it drop below 65 but neither trigger anything. except if i go in to the app and hit run actions them works flawless...Are you telling me rule machine is my only option agghh, gonna throw hubitat out the windows..