mines still working on 2.5 - are you on test version?

the only way is to update line 381 to

ParamsOWM = [ uri: '' + (apiVer==true ? '3.0' : '2.5') + '/weather?q=' + (String)city + '&exclude=minutely,hourly&mode=json&units=metric&appid=' + (String)apiKey, timeout: 20 ]
but of course its suboptimal.
this is the one I'm trying to use :

I gave up. its not working. /onecall? requests are not served by free apikey and this is nonsense. (at least not for europe seems like) and onecall? queries I submit I get unauthorized.

Hi All,
Trying to get this working. I ran into subscription problem

on next page then drops to 100 calls a day

did they change from 1,000 to 100 or am I missing something ?

No, it's still free for the 1000 calls per day (Base Plan) and $0.15 for every 100 calls (or $0.0015 each) over the 1000.

Scroll down to the Professional collections and go for the Free plan.

This driver uses the One Call API, not the Professional collections API.

I went ahead and subcribed but in billing showed this

Does it look right ?

For those that were following the below directions make sure you only put the API key in under type. Took a bit of searching on this post but got it working. Thanks to everyone may have more questions




Apr 25

As best as I can remember:-

  1. Goto: and click API in the top menu bar.
  2. Choose One Call API 3.0 and sign up for the service. You will need to input a payment card such as a credit or debit card however you will not pay anything for 1000 API calls per day or under.
  3. Click your account name in the top menu bar then select My API Keys. You should have at least one API key. This will be required later on.
  4. Download and install the openweathermap alerts driver code from this URL: You just copy and paste the code in the Drivers Code section in the normal way, i.e click the New Driver button, paste the code into the space provided then click save. If you have package manager search for the driver and install using that method instead.
  5. Go to habitat devices and create a new virtual weather device. Click "Add Device" then "Virtual". Give it a name such as VirtualWeatherMapDevice then for type, open the list and select and click OpenWeatherMap-Alerts- Weather Driver. then click save device.
  6. Now you need to configure the device. In the very first preferences box titled "Type OpenWeatherMap.Org API Key Here * you need to paste the API key that you have in Members that you saw in step 3.
  7. The second box slider in the virtual device preferences page needs to be to the right so that 3.0 is on. Put in your Town or City in the third box. In box 4 & 5 I chose a setting of 1 hour. In box 7 it should be set to 1. In box 8 change the display unit to your preferred setting, C or F.
  8. Change box 12 to your preferred date format. In Box 17 Alternative Icon Location paste then click the Save Preferences button.
  9. If you scroll back to the top, under Current States you should see weather information including some graphics under the section where it says threedayfcstTile: If not something isnt working so double check what you have done and make sure your OpenWeatherMap status says says Active. Try a new API key just in case there is an issue with the original.
  10. When your virtual driver is showing weather data you can create a dashboard tile. The tile will need to be quite large to display the three day forecast. When creating your tile for Pick A Device choose Open Weather Map Virtual Device and for Pick A Template choose Attribute. Under Options in the Pick An Attribute list choose threedayfcstTile.

This what the tile looks like in my master dashboard:-

Hope that helps.

They could probably make it clearer than they do on that page.

But yes its still saying the same thing, you’ll pay $0.15 extra per 100 API calls only if you exceed the free limit of 1000 calls/day.


I thought you've included both APIs (2.5 and 3.0) It's still working for me absolutely perfectly.

I never entered a credit card when signing up. :man_shrugging:t4: If it makes a difference, I signed up with OWM on 14 Apr 2022.

Versions 2.5 and 3.0 of the One Call API.

Not the professional collections API.

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Is there a reason that the OW Icons are not centered such as this?

No. That is the weather icon set that is the default. You can replace any/all icons with your own. Just update the setting that tells the driver where to look for the icons.