One of my Zooz Zen32 is Flooding Logs

Should I be concerned? I have 4 of these and this is the only one showing this amount of traffic in the General Logs & Z-Wave Logs? I have debug and Description Text logging disabled and haven't noticed any issues with this device or my ZWave mesh in general.

General Logs:

Z-Wave Logs:

Zooz seems to have a knack for flooding the HE, or possibly it's the hub not responding as zooz expects, I don't know.
Can you change reporting parameters in the driver? If not use Basic z-wave toolbox to tweak parameters for reporting

search "Basic Z-Wave toolbox"

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2018-11-28 maxwell
	-add command hints
2018-11-09 maxwell
	-add association and version reports

	-replace existing driver with this driver
	-set your paremeters
	-replace this driver with previous driver

Which device driver is it using? Is it the same as the others?