Okay I am about to give up

When I get home tonight I will remove the zwave portion and try again

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Keep us posted. And good luck, they are hard to exclude cleanly, just heads up...

I bet that's going to be it, based on others' recent experiences. Hope so. Easy solution, then.

@bobbyD - we need to have a flashing red light attached to each FW release that includes strobing text "Don't use Z-Wave on Iris 3210-L2!" :wink:

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Yea, it's easier to just unplug them. Force remove from devices, then go into the zwave details run discover on the ghost till you get failed then click remove. Then reset by holding the button while you plug it back in until the light comes on and then release. Then pair back the zigbee side by running the discovery and it will find the previously included zigbee device.

After that's all done safe shutdown for a minute then boot back up and run a network wide repair on the zwave. Doing it like that I was able to clean up mine in about 8 minutes for 20 Iris repeaters. It won't break any of your rules either.

Hey slow down Tonto... I have several running on my C-3 and all is good in z-wave land :crazy_face:

Why do I always have to be Tonto, or Robin, or whatever sidekick!? (Oops, sorry, I have second child issues.) :wink:

Based on Bobby and Lewis' experience, you're a lucky guy! Maybe C3 is playing differently. You're also on

No can do, the fans of these little boxes will prove me wrong, as they have tried since 2018, but I stick to my personal experience. If it saves one customer from pulling hair out, my mission is accomplished :slight_smile: And luckily there have been hundreds since ...


Mine blew up on the release.

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Affirmative Ke-mo sah-bee

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So I was on ST for over a year, same devices, and I don't recall the mesh being taken down, even with the same exact devices. Do we know why the HE seems to be more susceptible to these types of defects?
I mean don't get me wrong, HE is incredible, when everything works, but often things go south, and it's not only z-wave, it's zigbee also.
Comparing my experiences, I had much more freetime with ST, set it and forget it. And lately ST is fast as hell, the app loads in about 1.5 seconds, compared to HE dashboard which is 3-4 seconds. I still run both hubs


This is not a Hubitat thing. My personal experience with these devices predates Hubitat. I was running SmartThings when I first had problems :slight_smile: As others mentioned in the link I posted above, some have no problems, while others have big problems. Is it worth taking the risk to find out which category one is in?

:rofl::rofl::rofl: Good one!


ST could overcome users doing outlier stuff with extra cloud resources where the HE is limited to local hardware. The outlier stuff is why ST is shutting down their custom DHT though because 10% of the users were using 90% of the cloud resources. With users able to directly impact the available resources depending on what they are doing it becomes much easier to break things in unexpected ways. The introduction of the 700 series chipset brough with it a bunch of bugs and there are some growing pains but they are working through them.

It was definitely possible to crater the ST mesh though and I did a couple of times.


I don't think that was a joke... I also fiddled with ST a lot less than I have to fiddle with Hubitat.

On the plus side I have no random cloud delays like I had all the time with ST.


This :point_up_2:t2:

I suppose if one forgets about their home automation, they might not notice when it’s not working. Depends on how you qualify working. When Smartthings was regularly offline for me and my wife was giving me sideways looks, I definitely didn’t think it was working for us.

She brags about Hubitat to her friends. Nothing I’ve used before could achieve that result.


I get it, I too fiddled less before Hubitat, as long as I was using one built-in app and only carefully selected built-in DTH to avoid cloud. Moving to Hubitat was like being a kid in the candy store. I wanted to try everything, and without parent supervision, things can easily get out of hands. But who wants parental control when it comes to home automation?


I not only fiddled with ST less but stopped buying any automation equipment while on ST as the few times my SHM kicked off the siren and couldn't be disabled due to my keypads having custom drivers and the cloud was not happy turned me off to home automation.

Have had a few hiccups on Hubitat, but has been a much more pleasant experience. My Wife enjoys it and asks me to automate things from time to time. I consider this a big Win.

I have bought probably 100 more devices since coming over to Hubitat.


I'm another one that didn't come to Hubitat because I was having huge problems with ST. In fact I rarely ever even had a cloud outage. For some reason the shard I was on was extremely stable.

But I was absolutely not happy with the direction SmartThings was heading. And when I came over here I saw the activity, the energy, the creativity, and it just pulled me in.


Me too. I was on the EU shard which didn't seem to have the problems a lot of people were having.

Again. Me too. The final straw was migrating to the new app (nearly 3 years ago) and all my set up disappeared. After working with their support team (big delay back and forth) they managed to recover about 1/5th of my setup. I was not prepared to go through that again. No backup was a total oversight by ST as far as I'm concerned.
I had already been looking for other things and ended up with a C3 on pre-order for release outside of the USA. Got it in March 2018 and haven't looked back. Had a few issues along the way but that is to be expected in the early days of a new product.


Same here. I'm not happy with how they abandoned the Nvidia Shield ST Link without any notice whatsoever, and the forced update of the Alexa skill broke every Alexa automation, but moving to a V3 hub got things working through Alexa again. Never had any problems with z-wave on ST. Zigbee wasn't quite as solid, but not terrible.

I wish I could ditch my ST hub, but HE just doesn't work as a secondary z-wave controller and I'm not sure anyone at Hubitat cares. I may actually have to buy another ST hub for a rental house. I was hoping to use a HE there as well as at home, but proper z-wave operation is essential. Aside from the z-wave problems though, I like HE. Was just hoping I wouldn't need a multi-hub setup. Life is complicated enough.