Nue Zigbee scene switch (used as a 2 way light switch) & double power point drivers

I emailed Kevin a couple of days ago about the driver for the Scene Switch & haven't heard back from him. There is one for the DP. I'll see if I can find the link.

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The diver for the DP is amoungst these - GitHub - jchurchward/Nue-Zigbee-drivers-for-Hubitat

Just remember that Kevin is working with @mike.maxwell (Hubitat Staff) on getting his devices officially supported within Hubitat so you may not see a scene switch driver come from Kevin directly. @mike.maxwell any rough timeframes you can provide on this for all?

That unofficial driver for the PowerPoint has been working really well to date.

btw all, I have noticed that these Nue switches work really well with the Xiaomi sensors too which has been pretty cool :slight_smile:

I can't say until I get some kit, I've not any idea when that will be...


Thanks Mike we all appreciate it.

which sensor models are you using and what is your use case?

Xiaomi button and Motion. At this stage just to run simple lighting rules but I plan to use them for other things in the near future such as TTS and alarms etc.

Hi All, for anyone who hasn't done so please email Kevin @ requesting him to send the Nue samples to @mike.maxwell so that the official drivers can be written into Hubitat. The more people requesting Kevin to do this the fast it should hopefully occur.

I sent him an email late last week. He said -
Hi Greg,

Yes, we sent samples to mike for Hubitat support, but we are not sure when and what they can do.


Kevin Xia

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Hi all i have had my HE for about 2 weeks so far but i am very interested in the 1,2,3 btn and 4btn scene controller i have some old Dynalight equipment that has started to die and it has 8 circuits so need to find something to replace and this would be ideal, To do it all in z-wave is going to be expensive
I currently have 13 z-wave switches mix of Fibaro and old Aeotec and couple Zigbee door sensors and aeon multi sensor all working nicely
My old system was Vera edge

I am a new Hubitat user and so far very happy with the system. I am building a new home and have purchased a number of NUE Gang Switches with 1 Scene switch to be used for 2 way control.
I have noticed that Version comes with support for the NUE Gang Switches, do we know if support will come for the Scene switch OR if anyone has got a custom driver to get them working?

If 3a smart home sends me one, we'll support it...
Otherwise someone else will have to build one...

Hi Mike, was about to log in & thank you for doin & adding the driver for the switches & got notified of this.
I thought Kevin was sending you a scene switch which he obviously didn't. Very strange would have cost him nearly nothing to add one to the package he sent you?
I'll email him now to find out why he didn't? He's put the prices up on them, although that's probably to do with the AU dollar as it's terrible at the moment.

Hi All, It appears Kevin didn't send Kevin a scene switch or a power point. I'll email him now about this. As per before probably would help if more people ask over the next few days

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No worries mate I will email Kevin as well for further support.

Hi Mike, I just spoke with Kevin from 3A & ordered his new 4 gang light switch. He advised that the endpoints are 10, 11, 12, & 13 for this. Will it work with the driver you did?? Or can it be altered to include it?
I discussed the scene switch sample, he said he is yet to send it. He mentioned that the hub needed something in it & wasn't sure if Hubitat does? Not sure what it is. Could be worth an email to him?
Thanks for you help with these.

No idea what the hub needs, or if it needs anything at all.
The Nue switch driver detects the endpoints on install, so it should work in theory...

Hi all, just got an email from Kevin about the Scene Switch -
" The scene switch is completely different from the light switch. I did try it with SmartThings hub and looks like the SmartThings does not support Scene Switch commands. I just order a Hubitat hub and is waiting for it coming. I will have a check first, then post the sample to Mike."

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4 gang switch is not certified in Australia