Nue Zigbee scene switch (used as a 2 way light switch) & double power point drivers

Unfortunately I don't have any scene switches as I really didn't want/need any extra holes so instead I opted for the 2 -3 gang switches for 2-way scenarios. However maybe this is another one to ask Kevin about doing up some drivers for? and in the meantime just run it via your Hue hub? or maybe that's what your already doing and your just wanting to remove your Hue hub which is something I want to do once that PowerPoint driver is released.

Hi, I don't have a Hue hub, mine are just going through HE. At the moment the light is turning off when I activate my alarm each night with a Aqara button.

Hi, is yours a Single Scene Switch or a Single Gang switch?

FYI all, I noticed the 2gang driver was having errors in the logs so I decided to review the errors against the driver code and noticed that the 2gang driver code was missing information so I created a new one off the 3gang driver code which fixed my issues. Anyways I then decided why not try the Nue 2gang DoublePoint again and I can confirm it's also working perfectly now which is great.

Ah single gang sorry

That's great. So we all should reload the drivers? Thanks

I ended up creating a github page to save this updated 2gang switch and 2gang powerpoint code onto (link below). I hope Mike/GeorgeCastanza was OK with this.. but I did make sure to add credits on there to him.

I have been trying to get the Nue 1gang dimmable switch ST DH over to HE and I have the switch currently turning on and off plus dimming to a set value but it appears to not be dimming to 100% I think maybe like 60%. I am also getting alot of debugs filling the logs over and over from the switch. It you wouldn't mind taking a look that would be great as I know you have ported the others over from ST previously (the code is on that github link above).

I would be willing to write official drivers for the lot of these, however getting my hands on the 1, 2 and 3 gang items is problematic...

Yeah, just tried again on, they flat out won't ship to a US address...

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Excellent thank you. I will contact you via PM to organise me getting you some via post from Australia.

Update for all - Mike has been in touch with Kevin (3asmarthome) and Kevin is sending him some Nue samples to have them written to be officially supported into Hubitat which is fantastic news. I'd imagine this will come in a future Hubitat release so watch this space.

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Yeah, the only issue is that there are multiple endpoints with the various versions of the same switch.

That's great. Kevin told me a few days ago he will have a Fan Controller available in about 3 weeks so probably the end of July. And he had the Scene Switch driver done for Smartthings, & was testing it for Hubitat.

In regards to the endpoints, he might have to provide a schedule of them, then would need instructions on how to change them in the driver, which isn't ideal.

Can't do that if it's a built in driver.

[quote="greghoward1962, post:38, topic:15772"] change them in the driver,

was thinking that after I replied. Have to import the drivers ourselves I guess if the built in ones don't work? If he sticking with the same ones from now moving forward?

I don't know the specific here guys but I am sure Mike will get across this and provide the outcome we all desire.

Do you mean different firmware versions of the same switch use different endpoints?

Yes, mine are 10, 11, and 12 for the 3 gang, and others have reported differing endpoints for the 3-gang switch.

We can deal with that, we don't normally need to look at zigbee firmware versions to determine what configuration and or operational parameters to use, but we can if need be.

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Hi all

just recently joined Hubitat community, there is a lot of information in here. thanks

do we have any drivers for scene switch and DP point yet?
Im sorry i did read most of the posts but im still bit confused.

can someone advise me?