Nue Zigbee scene switch (used as a 2 way light switch) & double power point drivers


Hi, I have found drivers for Nue Zigbee 3 gang & single gang light switches that I have working. I can't find drivers for Nue Zigbee scene switch (used as a 2 way light switch) & double power point drivers, although it appears that the double power point one exists?


Can you use something like the ERIA Smart Home Wireless Dimming Switch for your 2 way operation? I have two of these operating the dimmer in my living room ceiling fan lights. One of them is programmed to operate the dimmer. The second is programmed to do a button press on the first one. For example, if I push button #1 on device #2, it is set to push button 1 on device 1. Buttons 2, 3, and 4 are set up this way also. Instead of operating the dimmer directly, it does a button press on device 1. It just seems logical to do it this way.


I have already tried modifying a HUI ZigBee Wall Switch Single Gang 1.1 driver for the Scene Switch, & it doesn't turn it on & off. I does show the status of it though, i.e on or off.
I have the 3 gang working with the HUI ZigBee Wall Switch 3 Gang V.3.4 driver
I haven't actually installed the double power point yet, but I can't find the driver for it in any case.


I too am keen on this but if we can't find one, I was thinking whether using a 2 gang in place of a single gang. The first gang is wired with the light bulb, while the second gang is left empty. The second button should be able to then be programmed as a scene switch. You could have 2 scenes that are activated if that second button is in the Off or On state using RM... thoughts?


Hi, I just got an email back from the guy I bought the switches from. He's going to write a device handler for the scene switch. He says it should be done by end of June. Will let you know when I get it.


I've done some testing on the single gang switch. I disconnected the light (L1) so the switch is only powered on, which is the same setup for these scene switches. I then programmed the button to control a set of lights in another room, On = Orange, 100% and Off = Warm White, 10%. It worked. The supplier told me the switches don't work without a light connection to L1, so I've proved that wrong and simulated a scene switch with this normal switch. The use case here is the fact that the scene switches do not have the capability to connect actual lighting loads to them, only power to power the scene switch itself. In most houses, where ever theres a light switch, there is also the wire that runs up to the light bulb itself, so you can't put a scene switch in those positions (unless you cut a another hole above the light switch specifically for the scene switch). I don't want to be cutting anymore holes in walls so I'm going to use a 2 gang switch in all positions where I currently have a single gang. Button one will be wired to power the lighting load (L1) and button 2 will be used as a scene switch without anything connected to its load (L2). You could also use a 3 gang to give you 2 scene switches if you wanted. No device handlers required as we already have them for the 1, 2 and 3 gang switches.


So glad I stumbled across this forum and saw your response as the supplier told me the same thing but I just couldn't see why it would be an issue.. Anyways I have just ordered my Hubitat so I look forward to setting this up. As I am a newbie do you have any guidance/info on how I can get this working for both the 2gang and 3gang switches as that would be greatly appreciated.


You have to locate the drivers that need to be added to Hubitat. I'll have to find the links so you can copy & past them in. Once they where in it was pretty straight forward. Let me know when your up to that stage when you get the hub


Just an update. I got the 3 gang and set up the lights all on gang 1. Gang 2 & 3 I've configured to mimick scene switches and have them execute custom actions for my LIFX lights. Finally solved the problem of wife and kids turning power off to the bulbs with a rule that auto switches on the power after 5 secs, then resets the bulbs after a minute (allow time to reconnect to wifi) but only in "evening" mode.

PS. I had to update the driver with a different endpoint identifier. The 3 gang I bought began with 01 for button 1, 02 and so on. Don't forget to use the Virtual Device Sync App to map the additional buttons to virtual devices it will create for you.


Excellent news. I am personally wanting to use the Nue 2 and 3gang smart switches wth L1 being physically connected to the lights but L2 and L3 being setup as scene switches emulated in 2-way wiring scenario's.

One of my scenarios here (to keep my wife happy) is to enter my home, push the spare L2 or L3 buttons on the Nue switch to virtually turn on the lights down the hall-way, kitchen & living spaces which are physically connected to their respective Nue switches in those locations.

Anyways, my Hubitat is in the post so I will reach out to you and Greghoward1962 once I have that and some more Nue switches but this all sounds completely possible.


I have received my Hubitat so if you could outline exactly how you configured the 2-way configurations using the Nue switches that would be greatly appreciated. I have a 2gang where I want to use L2 (not physically wired) to turn on some lights on my 3gang (all physically wired but only want to control L3).


in your case, you would just create a rule in Rules Machine, that says "when button 2 on 2gang switch is turned on, then as an action, turn on button 3 of 3 gang switch.


Excellent thanks mate. I managed to get it working with the virtual device sync application and simulated switch device handler.

Also I don't suppose you know if there was ever a device handler created for the Nue zigbee double power points? That's all I am missing now.


Havn't seen one, although the retailer I bought from did mention he would be creating one soon (he's also the designer/manufacturer).


I asked Kevin (3asmarthome) if he would build a device handler for the powerpoints, 1gang dimmers and the new usb powerpoints but haven't heard back. If you get anything it would be great if you could post it here. I did get the powerpoint working with the 2gang device handler but it was smashing my logs with all types of errors even though it worked :blush:


I haven't seen one for the power point either. Hopefully Kevin will get it done. I didn't know there was a 2 gang one, I'll have to get it, is it in the same place as the 3 gang one?


I ported over the device handlers from smartthings for the Nue light switches, and did a whole stack of changes to them. They are virtually re-written, although they were based on the SmartThings DH's (which were based on something from the UK, which is no longer in production). This is for the triple, double and single gang Nue switches. I'm not a coder, and the coding is bad, but it works, and I get no errors in my logs.

I read somewhere in the past that the Nue power sockets will not work with smartthings, and therefore will not work with HE. I think that was from Kevin (of 3asmarthome). I also read that the dimmers dont work, although that was just from other users. I have neither the Nue power outlets or the Nue dimmers and have no plans on getting them, as there are other good options in Australia.

Hope this helps.

Edit: the drivers are here: GitHub - GeorgeCastanza/Nue-Zigbee-drivers-for-Hubitat: Nui Zigbee: single, double, triple (Australia) for Hubitat


Thanks mate. I have used your drivers for the Nue 2 and 3gang which is working great so I really appreciate it. I have the power point installed via the hue bridge and it's working fine. It did actually operate with the 2gang switch driver too but was throwing errors in the logs so I moved it back to the Hue bridge.

Also I do have a 1gang dimmer i've just tested that on the HE using the Generic Zigbee Dimmer driver and it worked perfectly which was pretty cool.


Anyone got a single scene switch working? I've tried changing the endpoints on the single driver, haven't found the correct one?
Anyone found a switch that combines a light with a fan?


I have a single switch working. I had to be really careful as I did miss places to change the endpoints. Mine didn't work at first until I double check everything. I found two places I missed changing it.

Other than that I'm not sure why it wouldn't work.