Nue Zigbee scene switch (used as a 2 way light switch) & double power point drivers

I installed the 4 gang switch yesterday & it works with the built in driver. Thanks.
I tried the scene switch out of curiosity, it didn't work

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is there any chance this one might work out of the box or would you need a device sent mike?

im keen for some in my place and can forward it over.

Have you heard from Kevin?
If there is no way getting the scene working then I will swap my 2 scene switch for a 2 gang switch and only get one wired and use the 2nd as a scene.

Heard nothing from Kevin. Sounds like your suggestion is the wat to go. Pity I installed mine months ago, so can't return it.

haha I think we all broke poor Kevin (3asmarthome) as he no longer responds to me either. Shame as I purchased 14 switches from him and I am still interested in his other gear too. I am particularly interested in his 2000w 1gang switches that he had coming out.

Still nothing from Kevin about the Scene Switch, I'll make one more call this morning to see if he can provide an answer. If a standard switch is used as a scene switch, do you propose to control it via RM or another way??

My theory is to link scene button to the other gang switch and the light its wired to via Hubitat. I believe Tekniques mentioned above if L2 is not wired in it can work as a scene.

I am just not sure what happens to the led behind "scene" switch , I am assuming it will stay at one colour as it won't know the state of the switch it's controlling.

An alternative theory I am trying to work through. I have read on another forum once a scene switch is linked for 2 way control via the Nue hub and app it appears to link directly to the main switch and continue to work once the hub is disconnected. What if this pairing was performed and then the main switch is unpaired from the Nue hub and connected to Hubitat ? I wonder if the scene switches will continue to be linked to the main switch?

In my new house I will be using a 2gang Nue switch with only 1 button (L1) physically connected to my external front porch lights and the 2nd button (L2) not connected to anything. I will then mirror this button with a button on my 3gang Nue switch that controls lights down the other end of the house to create a 2-way scenario. I avoided the scene switches as I didn't want or need another switch cut into the wall.

I personally poc'd this month's ago and it worked perfectly fine with the community sync and HE Nue drivers, however since then HE have released an official mirror app and the official Nue drivers so while I haven't tried it with either of these i am sure it will be fine.

I am getting the lights installed today. Can you advise the steps you used to map/bind the switch that's not hard wired to another switch that is wired in. I can use rule machine to create a basic rule but you mentioned you used Virtual Device sync. Do you mean this: Virtual Device Sync ? if so can you walk me through the steps.

There's an in built HE app called "mirror" try that out.

Currently there is no way make a "Scene Switch" actually work. Kevin (from 3A) copied an email that he sent to Mike (Hubitat) asking if he can write a driver for it if he sends him a "Scene Switch".
I don't know if or what Mikes response was.
I have made a rule, that simultaes it, however if you actually touch the "Scene Switch" nothing happens.

I don't believe he's using a scene switch. I took it he's trying to use a standard Nue 2 or 3 gang switch and just mirror/sync the spare buttons to create a 2-way setup.

Btw; it's awesome that Kevin is speaking to Mike though. Hopefully we see plenty more of his products gaining HE support.

Thanks for the quick response, I found the Switch binding app is archiving what I need.

I can confirm using gang switches with the released Nue driver and leaving a switch un-wired and then binding / mirroring the un-wired switch to another gang switch that is physically wired will archive 2 way lighting.

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I told him to send the scene switch on over so we could build a driver for it...

That's great Mike. Thanks. He has single, double & quad so hopefully he'll send one of each. jchurch

Excellent news. I don't personally have a need for any scene switches but I am just glad Kevin is sending further devices to Mike. I know he has fan controllers, blinds etc as well so hopefully he sends that stuff too.

Kevin just replied to my email, said he will send all devices.

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That is awesome news. I think since he got himself a HE he can now see why we are all chasing it :wink:

Just be mindful of this:

It probably wont stop me from buying more...but FYI.

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Thanks, I have a double PP but haven't installed it as it was to go in a brick wall & the back is really bulky. You would think if he has as stated approval on the light switches then the double PP would be easy enough to get?