Nothing is triggering, can't view logs

I noticed over the weekend (possibly, but not definitely, since updating my hub on 10/8), that my automations were not running. Pool pump did not turn on/off, automated lights were not working, locks were not relocking, etc. Both time and action triggers seem to be broken.

I can control everything via the Dashboards, and through Alexa integration, but not the automatic things. I went to check the logs, but every time I try, I get the 500 error message, which is not very helpful.

Basically, nothing that should happen unattended is happening.

Not working:
Basic Rule, triggered at specific time
Simple Automation Rules
Rule Machine: anything with a trigger, does not trigger. 4.x and 5.x rules both affected

Is working:
Button Controller
Amazon Echo and Google Home integration
Motion and Mode Lighting apps

Things I have done:

  • update to latest software
  • changed some rules and resaved
  • added new rules with triggers (these did not work either)
  • rebooting, of course

But without being to look at the logs, it is very hard to debug this.

Any ideas on what to try?

Similar thread here. I think a downgrade and then retrying the upgrade helped him but take a look.


I have never done a downgrade, I guess I can try that, after I figure out how.

Also, that thread talks about doing a soft reset and restore, which I had read about, but it definitely sounds scary. I really don't want to lose all my setup, it would take a long time to recreate.

You won't - no worries. And if you see BobbyD's commentary you can even avoid going through the first couple of hub setup steps if you do the restore right after doing the soft reset.

To restore to a previous version... go to the tools page at http://[your_hub_IP]:8081 and it will pop up the diagnostic tools menu. Then choose "restore previous version." The password is the MAC address of the hub.

I'm first going to go to a previous firmware (using Backup and Restore) and see if that does anything. I have backups from before the upgrades, so I can always try the reset/restore if that does not work. We'll see!

Backup and restore will backup and restore the database but has no effect on the firmware revision. For that you need the tools menu.

You can restore the firmware from the Backup and Restore screen, there is a link there.

I've run into the same problem.
Any buttons that control rules stop working.
The mode gets stuck but i suspect that's because my hub restarts each night.
Log isn't available.

Restore isn't working.

Well, rolling back the firmware and re-updating fixed the log issue, I am not sure other stuff is working, but at least I have the logs, which will make it much easier to see what is going on. I will have to spend some time after work today really debugging, but I have stuff to look at, so yay.


Hopefully what fixed one thing fixed the others!

Had to do a Soft Reset...

Yes, I downgraded, restored a backup, then ran the update. Everything seems to be working now, I haven't seen any issues yet. I didn't do the 'Soft Reset' yet.

I always see this message, the screen never seems to close for me. I open a new browser window to see if it has loaded (it often has), and then go back and close the original window.

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Issues noted, will take a look.


Sadly, the FW rollback/update did not fix the rules issue. I can see the log now, and the triggers do not show up. E.g. I changed my "turn off pool filter" rule to 1:05. Log shows I updated the rule:
app:7302021-10-13 01:02:57.873 pm infoapp: When time is 1:05 PM …

app:7302021-10-13 01:02:57.867 pm infoapp: initialized

But the time came and went and the rule did not fire.

Also tried an event trigger (door closes, lock the deadbolt) and it did not fire either.

I just had the same issue today I ended up reverting to back to to fix no response on All z-wave devices. That didn't fix it. I had to reset z-wave. I've been adding back devices all day. what a pain.

Is there a tool to backup just the z-wave config and the Apps separately?

Happened again. This is the third time in two weeks. Please fix this.

I am still dead in the water with my automations. Anything that has times (time as trigger, delays, etc) is not working.

If you're not running, could you please try updating? There are scheduler related changes that should sort it out. If not, please let me know as well.