No response from hub - what can i do?

Left for work this morning, got the geofence of me leaving at 730am. Got to work, read the forum, went over to the hub and get the "no response from hub". Get the mrs at home to open a browser and check locally "no response from hub".

No automations working, get her to fire up http://HUB_IP:8081 and reboot hub.

Then mrs sends a pic through, Error: Request failed with status code 401.

really hard to trouble shoot at work and alot of my automations are needed before I get home.
What can I try ?

cc @bobbyD

Can your wife ping the hub's IP address?

im not sure I could do that, best way ?

Do you know the hub's IP address? I assume you did a DHCP reservation, so it's address doesn't change.

Does your wife use a PC or a Mac? If it's a Mac, she open a Terminal and run "ping -c5 ip-address" and tell you what the output says. There's got to be an equivalent for PCs.

Edit - duh, I'm an idiot - you already know the IP address.

If the IP address has changed, she can go to and determine the new address.

Hey @aaiyar,
The hub has had a static IP since day 1.

When she goes to http://HUB_IP:8081 the hubitat screen comes up and has the hubs info there.

I informed her to try the reboot - but as I wrote above it just comes up with "request failed with status code 401.

Can she try a shutdown instead?

I read somewhere that 401 was an error that the session had logged out ?
I will get her to logout and login and see if I can reboot from that.


got her to logout, then had to redirect her to the router cause the hub needs the MAC address to login smacks forehead
navigate her through that, get MAC, login and hitting reboot.

What can cause this, how do I stop it happening again ?!?!?!

Hub has rebooted and back online now. My first instinct is always to pull the power but I fear the database corruption which stops me doing it.

You need to Logout from the :8081 page, and login fresh again, with the hub MAC address as the login. Then it will reboot. Logout is at the very bottom of the list on the :8081 page.

Thanks @bravenel - is there anything I can test / check as to why this happened / how to stop it happening again ?
Its super frustrating.

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Contact They can take a look at your hub to see if there is anything obvious.

sure thing, i sent them an email when it happened - but it is after hours so will hear back from them when they come online.

Logging out and back in worked for me.