[No Longer Maintained] Window Tracker

What is this?
A lightweight app for tracking open windows. This is designed around tracking windows for house fans, but surely has other use-cases.

What's special about that?
This app is pretty customizable in how to track open windows and displaying that information to the user. There are two child apps:

Window Tracker
Each instance creates it's own child device for rollup reporting. Each instance allows the user to select the window sensors for monitoring. Optionally a door sensor can be selected as well. If the door sensor is closed, then the window sensors will all be considered closed as well. A secondary option is to select a threshold of how many window sensors must be open before the child device will show as open. By default, this is set to 1.

This child app allows for rollup reporting of the Window tracker instances. It will also create it's own virtual device. Any of the "Window Tracker" child devices can be included. This will tally up the open/closed window sensors from the child device, along with showing a rollup list of which windows are open and which doors (if applicable) are closed.


Can be installed using HPM; just search for "Window Tracker"

Manual installation requires the parent app, along with the child apps and driver. All code can be found in my GitHub repo .

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How to use
Let's say you have three rooms to monitor. One room has two windows and no door. The second room has two windows and one door. The third room has four windows and two doors.

  1. Setup your child Window Tracker instances:

  2. Setup the Aggregate instance:

Room1 in action:

Room2 in action:

Room3 in action:

The aggregate instance will reflect all of the child devices:

Known Issues

  • None.

To-do List

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Hey @FriedCheese2006 , I know I had this was working beautifully, and then I updated it via HPM, and the aggregate isn't working anymore... I open windows and they're showing up in the Sensor Group as being open, but the aggregate Window Tracker isn't updating to reflect the windows' changed TotalOpen.

Not sure what's going on, but here's my logs:

I tried creating a new aggregate instance, and this is what it showed in the logs:

Any thoughts?

Living Room windows is a Sensor Groups device?

SG+ device, correct.

That's not going to work. I changed a number of things with Window Tracker making the two apps incompatible. What's interesting is that you should have gotten an error at line 138 instead of 142...

If you want to use the aggregate, it can only monitor the Window Tracker child apps.

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I am leaving Hubitat so this will no longer be maintained. Existing installations will continue to function as they do today, but I will not be providing support.

Feel free to copy/re-release the code.

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