Newbie hue multibridge setiup

Hubitat C8 just arrived..i've had a search but some answers are a few years old so wanted to check the latest.

2x Hue bridges need 2 separate instances in the HE Apps section right?

Set up the Alexa skill - I've only added the groups I created in the Hue app so groups of bulbs not individual ones.

Do I also need to add the 2x hubs to my alexa echo skill in HE dashboard?

How/where do I import the scenes from the Hue app (or can't I do this?) is there a way to set the scenes in HE so that I can ask alexa to set a scene?

Standing by to get over my first hurdle!

So it's just the scenes now.. can they be pulled into Alexa via Hubitat?

Before you get too far along with this, you might want to check out @bertabcd1234 ’s CoCoHue app. Last I checked, the built in app didn’t have all of the features available in CoCoHue (especially the ability for the Hue bridges to push changes to Hubitat, and import and activate scenes). I disconnected my Hue bridges from Alexa a couple years ago and only share what I want Alexa to have access to via the Alexa app in Hubitat.
BTW, welcome to the community.
Also, search for Hubitat Package Manager. HPM is an easy way of finding and installing community maintained apps.


If you are hoping to bring scenes into Hubitat, then you'll need to use one of the community integrations rather than the built-in app. I personally use CoCoHue as well to manage my hue integration. With multiple bridges, you'll need to separate instances (one for each bridge). Once that is done, you'll have everything into Hubitat and can decide how you want to share via the Alexa Skill.

Thirded for cocohue. It can be installed via Hubitat Package Manager.

Since you are new, please read this post to avoid some gotachas. (It also tells you how to install HPM)


Big learning curve. Can’t figure out how to install things yet via package manager. Just relieved I can finally see my lights together and not the antiquated one hub only Alexa rule.

There's a step-by-step "recipe" or further down, a link to a video.

The same website has a Installing a Package using HPM section: