New Zooz ZEN16 Multirelay

Using Device driver.
SW1 contact (on and off):

This is what I get when I hit "on" on my Zen34 which is associated with the Zen16. Note that association only works with the parent relay and can't seem to access the children. I'm curious how it all works, with the ever-changing value after @. I'm no programmer though.

The random looking numbers after the @ are because the .toString() is still not implemented in multichannelv4.MultiChannelCmdEncap.... has been reported but not fixed. They really need a better issues tracker because I have no idea if they forgot about it at this point or what.

The associations CAN be tied to the children but you need to setup a multi-channel association which I don't know if any drivers support that (yet :wink: ). It can be done manually using a Zwave stick though.

If that second screenshot where you turned the association ON, the SW was already ON thats the case I was worried may not report back. You are seeing what is likely 4 SwitchBinary reports, the first is the parent so it is not multichannel encapsulated (endpoint 0). The other 3 are the states of each endpoint which should have all turned ON based on the association to the main endpoint.

EDIT: If the rules wont work with the stock driver and custom driver is needed for this to work, I WILL make one. Cannot promise any sort of timeline but I am up for the challenge. Should be able to put together something crude for testing without too much effort.

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I'd really be interested in how to do that. I can see a use for control over a machine that you want enhanced reliablity.

The built-in device handler does implement this with child devices.

He is talking about setting up an association on another device that directly controls one of the child devices (like R1, endpoint 1) instead of the parent device (endpoint 0). The driver on the other device would need to support setting multi-channel associations which most do not even support regular associations let alone multi-channel.

We will also be releasing a new model that will support the ability to separate the inputs and outputs to use the Sw terminals for monitoring only. It's a 2-relay device but it features a NO and NC relays. The product will be released in mid-March but we should have beta tester samples available in a week or so. You can send me a message or submit a request for a sample to our support.


A few questions:

What are these screw mounts that you used to connect the terminal block to the box?

And how hard was it to mount the Zen16 to the box? What kind of screws did you use (if you recall)

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Hi @agnes.zooz -- can you please share any updates on this project? I wasn't able to beta test earlier due to weather (testing location would be my detached garage up here in MN), but I'm definitely interested about this new device now that weather is improving!

Thanks for following up. It should be available from The Smartest House on Monday at the latest. I'll post the link here as soon as it's out!


Awesome news -- I' have my credit card ready! :sweat_smile:

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I will be lining up to purchase this as well. @agnes.zooz - it sounds very much like the older FortrezZ Mimo2+. Am I on the right track? Would love to see a newer and more supported product than mimics much of what the Mimo2+ does as this would be very helpful in my water valve application where not only do I want to turn on/off the valves but also need to monitor wether they fully close or not so need signal sensing separate from operation of the relays.

Will there be a device handler available for use with Hubitat when the product is released?

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@Levahj Not sure if Zooz has anything else in the works but I am going to be working on a driver as soon as I can! I have been super busy with work recently and have not had time for side projects.

If they do put one out for SmartThings I can also borrow that and port it over to get people going.

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Would relay this be a good choice to control one of these?

That would be great as I dont have the skills to build a driver. If you can ping me when you have built a driver I can be your Beta tester!

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I am not 100% certain as I did not see any directions on how to use that device but it looks like any dry contact zwave relay will work. You would not need this new Zooz device as the ZEN16 already in production would work. The ZEN16 has three dry contact relays and you would only need to use one of them so a bit of an overkill but you could use the other two relays for pool lights or something else.

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Those valve actuators are 3-wire and will need two relays per actuator. One wire is common, the other two wires control direction. I have the actual Jandy ones, and the pic doesn't show it, but there might be a switch that reverses the leads. So you can't say that one wire rotates left while the other rotates right. It might, but it could easily be reversed. :slight_smile:

They are intermittent use motors too.. you can't just set "go left" and leave that relay on. 99% of the time, both relays must be off.

I made my own pool controller with a Pump Contactor (30amp 240vac) and a pair of those Jandy Actuators. I also have a relay control a Heater too. I chose to use a Raspberry Pi for it, since it's rather standalone and I'd been programming one when I got the idea to build my own Pool Controller. :slight_smile: I basically have "scenes" programmed into the rPi... OFF, Clean, Water Feature ON, Heat.

I call it a scene because to have the water feature on, not only does that Jandy actuator need to be in the right position, but the Pump has to be on too. Heat requires the pump go off after the heater been turned off to cool down the heater core. It's all very simple, but fun when it works.

I decided I didn't want to expand a ZWave (or Zigbee) mesh out to the pool equipment area. Your needs are different, I hope. :smiley:

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Thank you for the comments!

I started a new topic for this project here:

For anyone still looking for the new ZEN17 Universal Relay, it's already available at The Smartest House (promo price since it's a beta release!).


I am going to purchase right now. @agnes.zooz just two questions:

  1. Do you have a device handler yet for it?
  2. Will this work like the FortrezZ Mimo2+ where the two switch contacts will be able to monitor things separately while also being able to use the two relays to at the same time?