Jandy-type pool valve automation with ZEN16

I am planning to implement automation of my pool valves, pump, and heater. The objective is to automate timing and control of the Polaris pump, the main pool pump including high and low speed control (it is a two-speed but not a variable-speed pump), the Jandy valves that direct flow and return to the spa and/or main pool, and the electronically-controlled gas heater, and maybe the pool and spa lights.

I plan to start with the ZEN16 and I think that I also need these for the valve actuators:

I include links to parts I plan to use and similar projects for reference.

Advice, comments, and suggestions are welcome!


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Excellent posts of a similar project from five years ago:


Valve actuator


Hello! Did you ever complete this project? Looking to make my Aqualink not depended on the internet.


Time for me to move it up my to do list, though!