New user - Did I make a mistake? Schlage smart lock & C-8

So I'm new to Hubitat. At my previous home I left a SmartThings hub, Schlage Lock, and a bunch of Zwave devices for the buyer of my home. I just got a brand new home and figured I wanted a hub with a little more flexibility so I bought a Hubitat C-8. My new home also has Schlage locks so I decided to get another Schlage Smart Connect BE469ZP. I've been reading the forums and it looks like there's no support for the lock native to Hubitat so I need to use a custom driver. I see one mentioned here: Schlage Locks - It's the built in driver, stupid

Unfortunately this is the first Z-wave device I have purchased for the new home and I didn't realize that I would have to go to the extreme for my first pairing. Any advice and how I should go about getting this all to work? Both devices are brand new and I just took the C-8 out of the box last night to get it connected. Tonight I was going to work on the lock.

This device has a built-in driver.. It’s been removed from the supported list because of how many people report problems with Schlage devices… There are many that don’t have problems.. It is suspected that it’s specific firmware versions causing problems..

Now this being the first device you are trying to include.. They are known for including with low power, so if you don’t have repeaters, you may need to be closer to the hub…

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I have three Schlage locks, and I have had variable success with them. Some days they work well, most not. But their lock/unlocked status is almost always slow to update on my Hubitat. Sometimes 30-60 seconds, which creates havoc with my automation routines. I have replaced one of the Schlage with the Yale Assure 2. It seems to be working better. But they are very expensive, especially when I have to purchase a ZWAVE module to go with it. My PERSONAL advice, stay away from Schlage locks when used with Hubitat.

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Ok thanks! I'll try connecting with the hub closer to the router. The hub currently is in my living room with a clear line of sight to the front door and maybe 20' away. I can also use a longer ethernet cable to get the hub even closer if I need to.

Locks are battery operated as I'm sure you know but an entire ZWave feature had to be developed years ago in response to the needs. There's a motor in the lock that is it's highest power draw, by far.
We all want our locks to have batteries that last a year, more is OK too :slight_smile: But it doesn't operate often in a 24 hr period, so the battery drain isn't horrible from the motor alone. However, the ZWave radio has to be able to jump to life instantly.... In other words, if someone is walking towards the lock and it needs to be unlocked, we fully expect it to be open by the time we get there.. the implication is that the ZWave radio is listening 24x7. That can't happen. :smiley: The battery would be dead very very quickly. Zwave developed FLiRS to give a big boost to fit the requirements. In a few words, what FLiRS does is ask a ZWave Repeater (which must be AC powered) to let the Lock know that the hub needs to talk to it. The lock wakes and before it can shut, the FLiRS repeater tells it to stay awake longer because the hub has something to say.

In your situation, you have no repeaters and that FLiRS function doesn't exist. I'd suggest you get at least one AC powered ZWave device added to the Hub first. Long term, you'll be much more satisfied with it being there.


I don’t believe that’s correct. Yes, the Schlage BE469ZP is no longer on the compatible devices list. However, there is a built-in driver, standard. There seem to be a few issues:

First, unless you have recent Schlage firmware, there may be problems, and Schlage does not provide firmware files for over-the-air updates. Because you seem to have recently purchased the lock, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Second, prior to the C-8, with its better Z-Wave radios and external antennas, you really needed a Z-Wave beaming repeater near the lock, which is a FLiRS device. With the C-8, the locks (and almost every other Z-Wave device in the mesh) seem to join directly to the hub, so this isn’t an issue. I still have beaming repeaters (Ring Extender v2) next to my locks from my C-7 use, so I really can’t speak to this, but my locks are joined directly to my C-8.

Lastly, the Schlage locks go into low power (whisper) mode when doing initial secure pairing, so as to reduce snooping during key exchange. You may need to bring the hub near the lock (or take the door off its hinges and bring the door to the hub) while pairing.

That said, I have two BE469ZP locks that work fine with my C-8, and that worked fine with my C-7 before that. Yes, I have Ring Extender v2 repeaters near each lock. I changed out the guts of each lock using parts from eBay in order to convert the locks from BE469NX to BE469ZP when I moved from my C-5 to my C-7, so that I could pair them S2.

Edit: seems that others are less verbose and are faster typists than I am.


Thanks maybe it would be better to return the Schlage and get a Yale. I just want something that will be supported long term. It looks like the Zwave Yale touch screen model is actually $40 cheaper than I paid for the Schlage. I just got both the hub and the lock in the past couple days so I'm within the return window.

Oh and I can't move the door it's an 8' solid mahogany door. I'm too old for that!

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Thanks this is helpful!

A better option is to get a lock with Zigbee. Schlage, Yale and Kwikset have various models.

Kwikset 914 is great and you can find “open box” on EBay and often on Amazon.
I have 3.
Just make sure you get Zigbee or Z-wave PLUS version. The original z-wave (non-plus) will not update status on manual operation reliably.
The other two are instantaneous.


The other thing is if you get a failed pairing on the lock, STOP!!!!! Look at yourhubip>>settings>>z-wave details page. You may see an entry with nothing in the routing column. This is a ghost. It needs to be removed before proceeding or it can cause problems (especially with future pairings). Once removed, factory reset the lock and attempt to pair again. It is best to move the hub as close to the lock as you can because it uses a whisper mode encrypotion key method when pairing.


Ok I caved and bought a Yale for now. It's on the supported device list and ended up costing $50 less than the schlage I bought. I'll return the schlage if I'm happy with the appearance of the Yale. The handle set I already have is Schlage and I don't want to change that out. If I'm not happy with the Yale then I'll return it and try to get the Schlage working. This is the model I got: ‎YRD420-ZW2-619.

I just want to throw in that I have been using a couple of Schlage BE469 locks for years on a C-7 and now a C-8. Pairing was tricky - moved the hub near the locks with a long ethernet cable - but I have had zero problems with them since. Even on the C-7 with its much shorter range. YMMV, but I think they Hubitat gets a bad rap with regard to not supporting Schlage. Older firmware was obviously an issue and both of mine are Z-Wave Plus. But basically trouble free as far as interfacing with Hubitat. The locks themselves were both replaced under warranty because of keypad issues. The little ribbon cable is a bad design.

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Yeah, anything below 7.10 is a crapshoot... especially with the 700 and 800 chipsets

I’ve been very happy with my Yale locks


I'm the original poster in the mentioned post. I've had a Hubitat running for about 4.5 years, using Schlage locks. For almost 3 of those years, they were rock solid. About 1-1.5 years ago, they started going nuts. They'd report manual operations, but commands would do nothing. Rock solid to worthless, seemingly overnight.

After investigating the release logs, this corresponded with an update to the "built-in" driver. Soon after that, Hubitat just officially decided that they don't support Schlage anymore. I have 5 of these locks, and 2 houses all keyed the same with Schlage. Each smart lock was near $200, so that's like $1K in smart locks alone, not to mention the other non-smart locks (about $50 each.)

I asked for help, but all I got was, "your Z-Wave mesh", "Schlage firmware", "repeaters" and everything but the actual driver update in the release logs. They worked for 3 years, then all of them all of the sudden just quit working AT ALL.

I found 2 old Schlage drivers and hacked them together, then hacked further to get them to work with Lock Code Manager. Yes, they aren't always fast to respond, but at least now they do respond, always, and I didn't change my mesh, my Schlage firmware, or add ANY special repeaters, just used older drivers.

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I would like to try your driver!!

I have a Schlage Z-wave lock running on my C-8 hub, but it was initially paired to my C-7 hub before I upgraded. With the C-7 hub, I needed Z-wave range extenders/repeaters to connect to the lock. After the upgrade, it is connected directly.

The initial pairing is quite difficult as there is a lot of "handshaking" between the hub and lock. I removed the lock from the door and located it about 10 ft away from the hub and paired it that way. Some people use an extension cord to move the hub closer to the lock. Either way, you have to have strong signals between the hub and lock in order to get it to pair.

Once paired, the lock works well using the Schlage BE468/469 driver.

I know the OP has moved on, but just to add info here for others - I'm also a Schlage BE469 user (old standard Z-Wave version) and it paired and works perfectly w/my HE hub (and ST hub before that).

BUT - best advice I think is to always pair your locks after you have connected all of your mains powered repeaters, and as noted get it close as you can to the hub when pairing.


As painful as it can be, maybe it is time to re-do this process and see if there is any improvement.