New UK Innr Smart Plug With Power Monitoring

I noticed that Innr have released a new smart plug - this time with power monitoring

Innr plugs have worked really well for me up to now (SP222) just as well as its really hard to find ones in the UK that are confirmed as working with Hubitat. These new plugs also have power monitoring! Bonus!

Has anyone tried one of these yet? Any success?

I'd be happy to order some and act as a guinea pig if someone is willing to support me?


The link above doesn't work for me .. Is the new Innr Smart plug model SP240 ?
If yes, then the chance to work using HE inbuilt driver is probably 99%.

electricityMeter({current: {divisor: 1000}, voltage: {divisor: 1}, power: {divisor: 1}, energy: {divisor: 100}})

The plugs arrived earlier.

I installed them and they were not automatically detected by HE.

I changed the driver to Generic Zigbee Outlet which is the same driver I use for my existing Innr plugs and the one that HE documentation says to use.

Here are some log files....


The plug physically works (turns off/on) but does not provide any state information in the driver page and no power monitoring information is shown (not that I would expect it to with this driver).

For kicks and experimentation I used the Tuya Zigbee Metering Plug driver. After clicking initialise and trying on/off a few times i got these logs

The plug is very unresponsive to on/off requests from the driver page.

So to summarise - they work as a Generic Outlet with no on/off state information and I dont have the knowedge to get the power metering working.


The Tuya driver is not best suited for this plug. You can try also Jonathan's driver : New: Third Reality Power monitoring plug - #60 by jonathanb

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Tried that driver and also connected it to my C7 to remove any distance issues that may be occuring.

Here are some log files using that driver

Power monitoring does not show any information in the fields. The switch does turn on/off as per the controls in the device page but the status does not update at all or very occasionally.

Is there still hope for getting this working? :slight_smile:

Appreciate things are busy as we get close to Xmas (and also the exciting HE update) but is there still a high level of confidence that these can be made to work @kkossev ?

Will need to return them in plenty of time if not.


I don't have high hopes.... Your model is SP 242 (not SP 240, as I supposed) and although it uses the standard ZCL power and energy reporting clusters, there may be something non-standard.. The reporting configuration commands return errors :

To be on the safe side, better return it and get something else that is proven to work in HE>

Such a shame - but I guess makes sense to return it.

The original plug (SP222 with no power monitoring) has now come back into stock on Amazon so I will order some of those. Strangely its more expensive than the new plug SP242-2 which has power monitoring.

@user4286 I'm in the UK and find the Salus SP600 great. Uses the in-built Generic Zigbee Outlet with power monitoring driver.
Not sure if they are still available though as I've had these some time.

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There are plenty on eBay new. Not cheap mind - £37.

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Thanks guys - will pick one up and give it a go.

Its certainly not easy keeping track of what devices work and are also available.

Hi, I have an innr SP 242 and I am adapting the Third Reality Power monitoring plug driver written by Jonathan Bradshaw, ref above. So far I have voltage, amperage (current in Uk terms), power, powerfactor and switch attributes up and running -I will look at power consumption kWh next.
Looks like frequency is not supported.
Watch this space ...


Screwfix has them for £30

I really struggled with that plug (the Salus). It didn't stay connected/responsive to commands over time and the drivers I tried didn't support power monitoring in a way in which was meaningful to me as a more novice user

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Ooh excellent. I just unknowingly bought one of these (meant to get the original 222) and have gone round in circles trying to get it to work, and landed here. Keen to try your driver when it is available. Whilst I originally didn't when I thought I was getting a 222, I now have a need to use the power monitoring side.

That would be enough for me, at £30 for 2 delivered they seem like good value

Just got my plugs setup with the 'Third Reality' driver and experiencing the same. This is fine for my limited use though (on/off in some rules) until a new driver comes along!

Just wondering if you able to share your current driver for testing purposes?
I really love the Innr sockets, the build quality is excellent and plugs are manufactured with UK consumers in mind! I have the older sockets and they have been great, no issues at all.
I've now taken the risk and purchased the newer model and build quality is even better!

Here you go.
I have been using it for 24 hours now with all functioning correct, but still need tor einstate some of the code that I disabled and may be adjust it a bit more. You are welcome to try it.
Any comments / ideas welcome
Set your preferences first - then press OnePress Set up - then refresh your web browser and away you go. I hope.

innr SP242 driver


Excellent work, thanks for the quick reply!
It seems to be working okay, will test further.

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