New Schlage Connect Lock - Zigbee version


I am hoping @mike.maxwell will provide a quick fix for the Schlage issue. But it doesn't require a PIN to lock the lock, my family would hate that anyway.


Yes, like this.

Edit: I admit I haven't tried it in RM 4 though. This is an old existing rule.


I've had similar discussions about things like malware protection and car security systems. If a good car thief or a hacker wants into your stuff they're getting it. All we can do is make our stuff a less desirable target by having deterrents.

In Alaska probably the best deterrent is that a rather large percentage of attempted home invasions result in the perp being shot by one of more of the residents!


Here is a quick RM 4 rule. Looks like it should work, but I'm not at home to test it.


Your RM 4.0 rule looks good to me. Your RM 3.0 rule actually might be problematic: the code entered would be better as a trigger (so basically what you're doing in RM 4.0). As a condition, it would only change truth value (thus causing a reevaluation and possible running of the actions) if a different code is entered and then "maid" is entered again. This may not be a problem if that only happens once in a row.

But of course, all of this depends on the lock sending the event correctly in the first place, a problem I seem to be lucky not to have. :scream:


I just grabbed a couple of the 914 zigbee models from Lowes on my way to work, thanks for the advice @JasonJoel

Unfortunately my issue with lock code triggers doesn't seem to be resolved using the Kwikset 914 Zigbee model either. Initially it was working as I expected but now the lock code events are not being shown in the device driver event log and the rules are no longer triggering. The live logging does show the lock code event though, strange.

Starting to think it may be an issue with the generic zigbee lock driver? @mike.maxwell

I was really hoping to avoid the headaches I have heard about the z-wave locks but from what I'm reading the Schlage and Yale Z-wave models seem to be working well for most people that have a strong mesh?


Is the code from the lock being used in the rule incrementing the usage logging in LCM?


All of these unlocks were by the the keypad, as you can see none of the device events are showing "unlocked by xx" instead just "unlocked"

Live logging shows like this:

Lock code manager report looks like this after clearing it and then unlocking it with a valid code several times:


Can you pm me the live logs with debug logging turned on, then an unlock from the keypad using a code?


Debug logging for the lock or LCM or both?


Just the lock, I only need the lock logs.